Chips and Salsa

Yesterday was the hottest day yet. Today it’s cooler but still warm. Our air conditioner was still out so we went in search of a window fan. Surprisingly, it was easier to find than I thought. It made a big difference but it was still pretty warm in the bedroom.

After we got the fan we went to dinner. Lion successfully navigated chips and salsa without spilling anything on himself. Perfect! No more infractions added to the list. By the time we got home it was fairly late and we were tired. I took a shower and unlocked Lion. I didn’t think we’d play but I wanted him to be wild because of the heat.

We did try to snuggle but Lion’s shoulder hurt, my neck hurt and it was sticky even with the fan blowing. I draped my leg over his leg and we held hands. Sometimes minimal touching has to suffice.

We still had trouble sleeping last night with the heat and whatever else was going on. Lion was awake at 3ish. The parrot squawked at 5:45 and I had to go shut him up. It just seems like things are conspiring against us.

However, this morning Lion reminded me it’s punishment day. He also asked if he is still due more swats for his accumulation of infractions. I decided he’ll have two more rounds of swats and then we’ll be even. I assume he can keep his nose clean for a few days otherwise he’ll have more swats coming. You never know.

This morning the air conditioner repair guy is at the house. Better late than never. I hope we’ll have a cooler house tonight and for the rest of the summer. I’d rather be a little cold than too hot. My theory is that you can always add more clothes. At a certain point, you can no longer remove clothes. Yes, Lion’s rules do include provisions for when he’s too cold whether he wants to use those loopholes or not.

If all goes well, Lion will be all caught up in the punishment department. I’m going to be watching him more closely for bad behavior. I’m sure it won’t be too long before he earns himself more swats.