Should We Tempt Fate?

Lion wants me to enjoy doing things to him. He said he thinks I like to make him yelp. I don’t think that’s true. He said he’d like to think I like to make him yelp. We compromised when I said that his yelping lets me know I’m making my point.

It stands to reason that he’d yelp more the second day in a row of swats. He may not be aware that he still feels sore from the previous day, but once I start in, his buns are already screaming. I assume that’s what happened last night. He was trying to roll away right off the bat. I cautioned him. He wouldn’t want me to start over again. I know I was only forty swats into it but doing those forty swats over would hurt a lot more than just keeping still.

Of course, I don’t really have to start over. I could always add some corner time or mouth soaping so show my displeasure at his moving. I’d have to make sure I told him the “dessert” was for that purpose and not just a continuation of the punishment. Having to sit on a prickly welcome mat on top of a stool with already sore buns would go a long way toward helping him realize he needs to stay still for spankings. I do allow a certain amount of movement. But rolling away is a big no-no.

We didn’t play last night because we watch back-to-back TV shows on Tuesdays. Yes, I know we can pause the show at any time, but it’s nice to watch all the way through. When I did move over to snuggle, it was too hot. Our air conditioner isn’t working and it’s been in the 80s this week. I can produce enough heat ll by myself, I don’t need the Lion furnace’s help. So we held hands instead.

Tonight we’re going on a hunt for a window fan to get the air moving in the bedroom. While we’re out, we’ll eat dinner. We’re both trying to think of where to eat. The thought crossed my mind to suggest Mexican, but Lion has a love-hate relationship with chips and salsa. Maybe we should wait until I’m done punishing him for this first set of spilling infractions before he tempts fate again. Of course, I could wipe the slate clean and say he’s been punished enough for that list, though I’d hate to wipe it clean just to have him add a new one to the list right away. Or I could waive any punishment for tonight’s salsa spillage. I guess it all depends on how badly we want Mexican food.

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