Blood in the Water

I think the issues I’m having with the new spanking technique stem from the fact that 2.0 hasn’t been around much. From my point of view, I don’t have a set number of swats to give Lion so I look at the few swats, stop, more swats, stop, etc. as a delay. I’ll likely give up after a few rounds. Lion won’t get as many swats as he might have. However, 2.0 smells blood in the water. He wants a minute to acclimate to the swats? I can do more swats after that? Hell yeah! She’s doing laps around the bed with her paddle raised high, chanting “swats, swats, swats”.

Last night was punishment night. I asked Lion what his offenses were and then set about to swat him. I had one of the meaner paddles. I gave him two hard swats. He was already hurting. Ordinarily I might have given him six rapid fire swats and then he would have moved. Once he got settled I might have given him four more rapid fire before he moved again. And I probably would have been done. The swats wouldn’t have been as hard because he’d be a moving target for some of them. His butt would have been sore and I’d think he got the point. I guess, because he was not a moving target, last night’s swats were harder. And because I had to stop every few swats, I was more annoyed so I hit harder. Ultimately he got nine swats (the last one across both cheeks for moving) that were probably much harder to take than the ten using my technique. His buns were sore for quite a few hours.

Now, I can’t say what 2.0 would have done. Would she have hit just as hard for more swats? Would she have taken it easy on each swat realizing that the cumulative effect of more swats was greater than fewer hard swats? Lion couldn’t lie on his back for a few hours to keep pressure off the sore spots. Would he still be favoring sore spots this morning if 2.0 had been around? She would probably embrace the swatting and stopping technique because it prolongs the agony. When will it end? Only 2.0 knows for sure.

All I can do for Thursday is hope Lion has a few more infractions and that 2.0 shows up to the whomping party. In the meantime, I think we’ll go back to having maintenance swats again. I haven’t decided if it will be on certain nights or just when I feel the need for some practice. Maybe that will encourage 2.0 to show up. She loves a good whomping.