Out Of Options

First, the news. Mrs. Lion gave me a “just because” spanking on Thursday night. I feel it when standing or sitting (Friday). At this moment, I am sorry that we agreed to do these “just because” spankings. Mrs. Lion didn’t hold back at all. I’m sure I did something to deserve it. Even though she didn’t mention it, I’m sure I must have interrupted her over the last 21 days. That’s the longest my bottom has remained unspanked in many months. My lioness mentioned that her shoulder was sore after beating me.

Nothing sexual has happened since my last orgasm four days ago. I’m sure the sore shoulder (me) and wrist (from the dog) are responsible for that. I’ve been thinking about my general unresponsiveness lately. I hate to say it, but I think just going for my penis is not a terrific way to turn me on. When Mrs. Lion was interested in sex, there was considerably more activity before the ol’ weenie got rubbed or sucked. Now, we’ve gotten into a rut.

We’ll be watching TV. Mrs. Lion will scooch next to me and begin playing with my cock and sometimes my balls. It’s nice but doesn’t get my full attention. She’ll continue for a while. She may ask if I want oral attention if I don’t get hard. Usually, I say that I don’t. It feels unfair to make her move around and suck my cock when I’m not showing any sign of life.

The problem isn’t so much that we are watching TV. It’s that sex isn’t what I’m thinking about at the time. I know. Guys aren’t supposed to want foreplay. We’re penis-centric. Maybe at some point, but not right at the start. I wish I had an idea of what we could do differently. I don’t. Certainly, thinking about my spanking is a start. Aside from correcting behavioral problems, getting spanked also seems to charge my sexual battery. But it isn’t enough.

My mental state needs to shift into sex mode. We’ve never been very good at preliminaries. Maybe that’s why Mrs. Lion lost interest in sex. Perhaps the same thing is happening to me now. Grabbing my cock and rubbing my balls doesn’t seem to work until at least ten days have passed. Even then, I yearn for mental stimulation too.

You can see the change here on our blog. If you go back to 2019 and before, Mrs. Lion does a lot of coming (well, edging) attractions in her posts. I also suggest things that excite me. That’s dwindled over the last few years. Our posts rarely turn anyone on, much less me. The only overtly sexual content has been my reminiscing about prior sexual activities, like the first time I lost my pubic hair (“At Least I Don’t Tickle Mrs. Lion’s Nose“).

It isn’t Mrs. Lion’s fault. She has no internal furnace to stoke with sexual thoughts. Pouring fuel on mine is altruistic and has slowly tapered off over time. Short of restoring her interest in orgasms, I’m not sure what to do. Speaking of that, she agreed that orgasms are fun for her. It’s just that she doesn’t care about having them. I can’t help but wonder if she might look forward to them again if she had some.

Probably not.

I did a little informal research on that subject. The issue isn’t orgasm deprival. It’s a loss of interest in sexual interaction. Most women who experience this actively avoid sexual contact of any kind. I’m lucky that Mrs. Lion still wants to get me off. I want to get her off too. That’s unfair of me. I understand that. It’s almost five years since I’ve been inside her. Maybe the best thing is for me to let my sexual interest die. It would be a lot less trouble for her.

I’m out of ideas. Porn never really interested me. I can’t use that to substitute for real sexual interaction. I don’t masturbate. I’m not sure I can anymore. My options are pretty bleak. I’ve been feeling this for some time. Maybe there is no way out of this.


  1. Well, this is sounding rather bleak. I have been considering the same topic lately. My wife says that she has no hormones anymore, so no interest in sex. Fortunately that is not completely the case, she still enjoys having an orgasm and intercourse, but is not likely to initiate. I know it is only natural for our ardor to fade from what it was when we were young, but it was such an important part of our relationship I hate to see it end, though it likely will. I have had the same thought, maybe I should just let my sexual interest die. I have even thought about asking my doctor if I could get some kind of hormone treatment so that I would lose interest. But then, we will have a terrific sex scene with an earth shaking orgasm for me and I will realize that things are not so bleak after all!

    1. Author

      It isn’t really a decsion. Acceptance has never been my strong suit. It is bleak and worrisome.

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