I Dropped the Balls, So to Speak

Yesterday, Lion wrote that he hasn’t been thinking about sex much since he’s been dealing with getting better from one surgery while getting ready for the next. I thought that meant he wasn’t interested in sex.


When I moved over to snuggle, his shoulder was hurting so I adjusted the way I was leaning on him. This made me very uncomfortable so I moved away while still being able to touch him. I wasn’t playing with my weenie, because he wasn’t interested in sex, right?


Around 10, Lion asked if I just wasn’t up for sex. I said I thought he wasn’t interested. He wondered why I thought that. I’d read it in his post. “When did I say I wasn’t interested?” he wanted to know. It seemed like a minor blowup. Yikes. I’m sure he’ll say he didn’t blow up at all, even a little bit. Let’s just say he was excited, but not in a good way. Eventually he said we could try again tonight. Sheesh! We seem to be missing something lately.

I know I was a little frazzled after dinner. First, I’d stopped to pick up Chinese food and fill my truck with fuel so that delayed my arrival. When I went to clean up from dinner I realized the dishwasher needed to be emptied and the dog needed her ice cream made. That delayed my shower for a little bit. But I did move close to Lion early858ish. At first he didn’t seem like he wanted to snuggle so we just held hands. Then, even though we were close, I didn’t play with him.

This morning was a frazzling morning too. We had an Amazon Fresh delivery which needed to be put away and then the garbage was full so I had to empty that. And I had to clear out all the half-used bread, lettuce, etc. which I put in a different bag because why fill up the new bag in the can. I put Lion soda in the fridge and emptied the robot vacuum cleaner so she could run this afternoon.

When I get home I have to take the recycling out and take that and the garbage to the end of the driveway. And we have to pick up Lion’s prescriptions from the store so he can put the drops in his eyes for Monday’s surgery.

I know other people are busy too and I don’t mind doing all those things. I just hate when things happen all at once. I didn’t not play with Lion because I was tired or not feeling well or frazzled. I really thought he was not interested in playing. I guess I know now that I should try no matter what he says. Or what I think he’s said.