I’m not completely out of the woods in terms of my ability to get close to orgasm. Thursday night was yet another unsuccessful try where I couldn’t get past being moderately aroused. This time, it may be related to the fact that I had to take a number of antihistamines to put down an allergy attack earlier in the evening; at least that’s what I hope it is.

I know Mrs. Lion won’t give up trying. Thursday was the eighth day since my last orgasm. Technically, we’re still in the sweet spot where I should be very horny. I know Mrs. Lion will keep trying. But it feels bad to see how hard she works without getting a good result.

There’s no question that I’m recovering. While I’m still a little wobbly when I walk, everything else seems to be improving. There’s no reason for me to believe that Mrs. Lion’s weenie won’t be soon performing correctly.

my hard penis in locking cock ring
Time to return to lockup. The locking cock ring does allow me to get an erection, as you can see here. Nevertheless it is an unmistakable symbol of Mrs. Lion’s ownership.
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It’s  time for Mrs. Lion to begin locking me up again. I’m probably not ready to get into the Jail Bird chastity device. That requires a little more coordination than I have right now. But I certainly could wear the locking cock ring. While that does require a bit of finesse when I pee, I’m certainly capable of handling that now.

The ring can be left on when Mrs. Lion jerks me off. We both prefer my penis unlocked and wild during times when she is playing with me. But, that doesn’t mean it always has to be that way.

Before my surgery, Mrs. Lion indicated that she liked me to wear the 1-inch Jail Bird. She said that she likes the way it looks and she likes knowing that I can see but not touch her penis. She’s been agreeable when I want to be wild. I admit that I like being able to get erections any time. A little innocent self-petting can certainly brighten my day.

lion's spanked butt
 There is no risk of injuring anything even close to my surgery by giving me a strong spanking.
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Mrs. Lion wants me to be happy. That desire to see me having a good time often colors her decisions in terms of chastity and orgasm control. Let’s face it, we have a long history of enforced male chastity. We have an equally long history of her role as my disciplining wife. I think we have taken both for granted. In fact, we may have minimized just how important these things are in our marriage.

I’ve been thinking that my being un-spanked and unlocked hasn’t had a significant effect on us. Apparently it has. I’m not completely sure how this happened, but it has.

I’m proposing that we are ready to return to our enforced chastity/FLRD. I suggest that effective immediately, not only are rules in force but punishments are as severe as they were before my surgery. There’s nothing even close to my butt that can be affected by strong spankings. There is a lot in my soul that will be fulfilled once they begin again.

It’s true that Mrs. Lion has been controlling my orgasms all along. There isn’t any behavioral change needed to resume full-scale enforced chastity. I like the idea of something locked in place as a continuous reminder of her ownership. Even though Mrs. Lion has been firmly in control of my sexual activity, there is a subtle change when she declares full-scale enforced chastity is back.

I wonder if my difficulty with sexual arousal is somehow tied up with my post-surgical freedom. It’s possible. I know that they often say that after surgery it’s important to get out of bed and get back to normal living. In our case normal living means a device is locked on my penis and my bottom is bruised regularly to improve my behavior. I probably need a spanking just to kick things off.

I know that Mrs. Lion has been waiting for me to signal I’m ready. Here’s the signal.


[Mrs. Lion – Actually, in my post on April 7th I said the rules were back. Lion just hasn’t broken any.]