After talking about it every day for just over a week, we finally made it out to dinner. Each night up till then, Lion was either too tired or too wobbly, or the weather was yucky. Yesterday, we had a fairly nice day and Lion was determined to make it out. I thought he looked a little unstable walking into the restaurant , but better walking out. I guess a good meal out helped. Today he wants to go back out to get some things at the grocery store. It’s a dark and depressing, rainy day. I’m not sure if we’ll be going anywhere, but I’m open to the adventure.

When we got home last night, Lion had a short nap while I watched Jeopardy and then he had his shower. He’s still not able to use his right arm too much so he needs a shower buddy. Mostly I wash all the places he can’t reach. Of course, he can reach my weenie but that doesn’t stop me from washing it too. The other day he said he wanted me to spend a little more time on my weenie, so I did. I got him very hard. I don’t want to distract him too much from the need to maintain his vertical-ness. He’s wobbly enough without my getting him too excited. The soap does make a very slippery lubricant, however.

As I said yesterday, I needed a day off. Lion gets a little too intense when he’s trying to solve being stuck or broken. Maybe we should do this, or maybe we should do that. I get it. It’s in the forefront of his mind. But it doesn’t have to take over. If I’m tired and I say I’m tired, it’s not a testimony on how long it takes to get him to the edge or the fact that I’m giving up on him. I’m tired. I’m giving up for the night.

That said, I do sometimes wonder why it takes longer to get him to the edge. I mean, Mr. Weenie is at attention almost immediately. Shouldn’t the troops be lined up behind him, all ready to march? If Mr. Weenie were delayed in reaching the battlefield, I’d assume Lion needed some play. Maybe some clothespins or a rope around the boys. A little pep talk, if you will. But when Lion gets hard and takes a while to get there, what do I do? Is it still a matter of play? It didn’t seem to be the case the other night when I had clothespins on his balls. Or when I used my mouth.

He says he’s broken when he can’t be aroused at all. I said he was stuck when he got hard but couldn’t get further. Low gear? He’s moving but not so fast? I guess I’ll have to chug an energy drink and get to work.