Resting Up For Tonight

Lion is still tired from being sick. He managed to do the coffee pot yesterday and he updated the whiteboard, but he still felt wobbly. I’m not sure how he did it, but he took a shower. When he had his neck surgery, I bought a bench so he could sit in the shower. He, stubbornly, never used it. I do know how to take care of people with physical limitations. I don’t know if Lion doesn’t want to appear weak or if he thinks he knows best. There’s nothing wrong with using a bench in the shower if you need it. Hell, I’ve thought about dragging it out for myself when I don’t feel like standing in the shower.

[Lion — The problem with the shower seat is that it takes up a lot of space and makes it much more difficult for me to wash. I tried the one that Mrs. Lion bought, but it just didn’t work for me. Our current shower is smaller than the one we had in our last house. Maybe I need a lesson in using one. Of course, a much better shower aid is a lioness to wash me.]

He spent the morning working on sending queries out for his book. We ate lunch and he’s resting. He wanted to snuggle last night, but dinner was not sitting well in my stomach. If he feels better later, he may be in the mood for love. I’m not rushing him. I know it takes a while to recover from being sick. Besides, he needs to rest up for his rescheduled eye doctor appointment tomorrow. I’d rather have him wait until he feels 100% than trying to jump back on the horse too soon.

I have to go to a conference on Thursday. I hate these conferences. The focus is never anything I’m concerned with and, in the past, my bosses never wanted to listen to any little tidbits I managed to pick up that were relevant. I’m nervous about being in a crowd even though we’ll all be masked and being vaccinated was a condition of registration. Plus, I’ve been spoiled by working from home. Do I still know how to act in public? Of course, I’ve been in public recently, but it’s only been to the store. I haven’t had to deal with my peers for any length of time. People. Ew.