Heading in the Right Direction

I’m still really tired today but I got a lot done yesterday. The thing that I thought would be the worst chore turned out to be nothing. And the chore that I didn’t even realize I had to do turned out to be the most time-consuming. All in all, it was a fruitful day. Today? So far, not so much. We’ve both been snoozing off and on, until I decided I needed to get my rear in gear.

When Lion went to take his shower last night, he said it wouldn’t do any good for me to help him shower since my weenie was locked away. I told him that was one of the hazards of asking to be caged. He said I could always unlock him. That is true, but he was the one who wanted the cage on so he has to live with the consequences. He wondered if I was advocating for a wild weenie. It does add an extra step in the washing and teasing process. True, it’s not a huge step, but I’ve been so tired and stressed lately that anything extra seems like Mount Everest. I don’t seem to be able to get him to understand that. I’m tired. I’m beaten. I’m physically and mentally exhausted. So Lion took a solo shower.

With eleven minutes to spare, Lion reminded me of punishment day. Phew! That was a close one. Then he confessed he almost let it slip by so he’d be punished. Little did he know that I was thinking of a play spanking. I got the key and the wooden spoon. I do use the wooden spoon for punishment sometimes, but every paddle can be used for either purpose. It’s all in how you wield it.

A play spanking starts out with my hands. It involves some caressing, maybe some kisses and even a few playful bites thrown in for good measure. It builds slowly to the point the endorphins kick in. It will never be confused with a punishment spanking, which is all business. Last night’s spanking didn’t really build to the endorphin level. I was tired and sore and it had been quite some time since his last play spanking. I got his cheeks pretty rosy and then stopped.

I was surprised that Lion’s sore spot on my weenie is completely gone. There’s no sign of it. I teased him that being locked in the cage must be a great elixir. I had no restriction on how I could hold him. I took him to the edge a few times and then let him come. I can’t remember if yesterday was the eight day mark or if that was the day before. At any rate, it wasn’t such a long wait but I wanted him to come. It seems like it’s taking less effort to get him to the edge. [Lion — It was the eighth day.]

I left him wild which I don’t think he wanted. I can always lock him up at any point today. Maybe when I go back upstairs. Maybe I’ll wait until after his shower so I can wash my weenie. I even think Monday night might be a good time for the return of Zapardy!


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