A Long Trip To The Edge

Mrs. Lion and I learned something new Friday night: Soapy water is much more slippery than any lube we’ve tried. Since I mentioned that I love the way it feels when Mrs. Lion washes my penis, she made a point of doing a very thorough job. It felt amazing. She commented how slippery soap and water felt. I was in heaven. She kept washing until I was rock hard. She went on a little longer. I hoped she wouldn’t stop until I reached the promised land. No such luck.

She washed the rest of my body with my penis sticking out at full mast. It drooped a bit by the time she began drying me. However, some careful towel work brought me back.

I was hopeful that this was the beginning of a very exciting evening. It wasn’t. That was the only sexual activity we had. We did spend a long time snuggling with no contact down “there”. It was fine with me. I love being close to my lioness.

Since I got home from the hospital a month ago, Mrs. Lion has been showering me every other day. Yesterday, I asked that we go back to my normal once-a-day schedule. Honestly, it isn’t because of her amazingly good work at penis cleaning. I really feel better with daily bathing. Of course, it will be nice to have such a clean weenie.

One side effect of my orgasm control is a possibly-excessive focus on my penis. I’ve always liked it and enjoyed when it is stimulated. But now that I have extremely limited opportunities to let it express itself, my focus seems to be much more penis-oriented.

I think this is a little unusual. Unlike many guys, sex for me is almost entirely being masturbated by my lioness. I’ve given up imagining being ridden. Oral sex is sufficiently rare that I don’t really think about it or anticipate it. My thoughts are confined to Mrs. Lion massaging her weenie with her left hand.

Given that the only orgasms are mine, I think it would be ideal if it would take as little time as possible from getting hard to the edge of ejaculation. There’s absolutely no advantage for me having staying power.

I’ve been doing some online research about how to reduce the amount of time it takes to reach ejaculation. In the back of my mind I always imagined that there would be a training regime that would shorten this time. After all, there is training that teaches premature ejaculaters how to hold out long enough to get their partners off.

Apparently no training exists to bring ejaculation sooner. It is a known problem when men take too long to come. It’s usually referred to as delayed ejaculation. Various medical websites offer suggestions on ways to shorten the time it takes to ejaculate. This advice doesn’t offer anything useful to me.

I imagined that a man could be trained by masturbating him for, oh, a minute or two and then if he fails to ejaculate, punish him. Then, after the punishment give him another one or two minutes to try again. If nothing else, that’s a sexy fantasy. The simple fact is that it won’t work in practice.

I do feel guilty that Mrs. Lion has to work so hard to get me to the edge the first time. After that, it doesn’t take a lot to get me there again and again and again. I have a long runway but once I start to leave the ground things improve.

It isn’t that I take an excessive amount of time to get there the first time. I think it’s a pretty normal five or 10 minutes. This is actually considered very good for vanilla intercourse. In my world it’s just extra work for my partner.

You would think that a long wait with me edged every day would shorten this time as my frustration grows. The only thing that seems to change is the amount of time it takes for me to go from flaccid to fully erect. I get hard almost immediately after several days of teasing. Once hard, it’s the same 5 to 10 minutes to the edge.

Friday night was the first time  in two weeks I put on clothing and left the house. We went out to dinner. Of course, as soon as we got home I was naked again. This is such a usual state of affairs in our house that I don’t think Mrs. Lion even notices anymore. During the time I’m home, if I get a bit chilly I can wear a T-shirt. My butt and penis are always visible and accessible. I mention this only because it illustrates how our norms are far from what other people do.

I’m not suggesting we change this. I do wonder if we might try changing a few things. Mrs. Lion’s weaning washes is one very welcome change. Maybe we should vary the time we play and tease. We always do it a couple of hours after dinner. I wonder what it would be like if we moved it sometimes to the afternoon? What would happen if we had an early session where Mrs. Lion didn’t try to edge me, but got me very aroused. Would this speed me up later at edging time?

The fact that I’m thinking about this means that my focus is returning to normal. While I’m not physically fully better, I’m obviously well enough to want to get our power exchange running at full speed. Poor Mrs. Lion.