Napping Through Fun Time

We got the new Chinese cage yesterday. When I got home from work, Lion asked me to put it on. He selected a ring that matched the ring he wears with the Jail Bird. I tried to mash him into the plastic cage and it wasn’t working. Once he switched to a larger ring, the cage went right on. He’ll have more of a review in tomorrow’s post.

Once Lion was locked into the new cage, he went to make dinner. After we ate, he fell asleep. He slept through me doing the dishes. I imagine he slept through some of the time I was taking a shower and then he slept off and on while we watched TV. I know he hasn’t been sleeping well at night. It’s a catch 22. If he doesn’t sleep well at night then he’ll snooze during the day. If he snoozes during the day then he won’t sleep at night.

When it was time for the dog’s ice cream, Lion said we hadn’t done anything and wondered why. I can’t play with him if he’s asleep. Well, I suppose I could but it wouldn’t go well for either of us. I’ve tried, unknowingly, when he’s falling asleep as I’m playing with him. I wonder if it could somehow translate to a dream for him and he’d respond. That might be interesting in a weird sort of way. I’m hoping he’ll get enough sleep at some point that we can play this weekend. He’s snoozing now so my fingers are crossed we can have some fun tonight.

I don’t want to put any pressure on Lion. There’s absolutely no reason we have to play at any given time. I’m confident he won’t be out of commission from the surgery for any length of time. I envision him being his horny self by a week or so afterwards. In fact, the only restrictions the doctor foresees is lifting anything over ten pounds and driving as long as he’s on pain meds. Lion may not even have to wear a cervical collar.

The goal this weekend is to get everything buttoned up and ready for his recovery. We don’t need to do much. All we need is each other.