Weenie Under Cage

hairless and Naked with chastity device locked on
Here’s my Lion hairless and caged. He has some marks from the wax being pulled off.
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I own a hairless Lion. Well, he has hair on his head and arms but he’s bare everywhere else. I’m sure I missed a few hairs here and there. As I told him, he got what he paid for.

I’m not sure if the extra attention prompted his horniness but he was definitely wide awake and looking for action last night. Like a good Lioness, I played with him. And left him even hornier. He asked if I was going to put him in the cage. I wondered if he wanted the Jail Bird on. He did.

It’s not that I’m worried about him masturbating. I think we’re way past that stage. But when he’s this horny, I think he needs to feel controlled more than other times. The Jail Bird definitely sends the message that the weenie between his legs is not his. It may be attached to him, but it’s mine and I can lock it away any time I want. It’s for his own good, after all. I wouldn’t want him to be tempted.

Lion felt the need to remind me that he’s been waiting a week. And then he reminded me again. And, just for laughs, he reminded me again. The thing is, he hasn’t been horny all that time. He’s been tired and worried and I’ve been unable to rouse him. So, in my book, he’s really only waited the length of time he’s actually been horny – since Saturday. That’s the patented Lioness 3.0 algorithm for Lion wait times.

Poor Lion.