Locked Away Again

lion's penis in double cock ring
Lion is back in his locking cock ring.
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Lion is safely locked away in his locking cock ring. He asked yesterday if I would consider putting one of the cages on and I agreed. Evil me was tempted to put the Jail Bird on. Nice me won out. He’s still wobbly and I thought the Jail Bird would just be too mean. He’d have to worry about peeing all over the place. The locking cock ring still gives him the feeling of being locked up without all the pinching and inconvenience of the Jail Bird.

I know. I hear you saying “So what?” Who really cares if he’s inconvenienced? Didn’t he ask to be locked up in the first place? Didn’t he ask just yesterday to be locked up? Is it 3.0’s problem if he gets pinched? No one cares. Yes, he did ask. And no, it’s not my problem. It was my decision and I made it. He would have been happy either way. Well, maybe not happy for long if it had been the Jail Bird, but he’s locked up and he knows he’s not getting out until I say so.

Yes, it’s true he can still get hard in the locking cock ring. He can still touch my weenie. He better not, but he is able to. The bottom line is that he can feel the ring and he knows who did it to him. Even if I’m at work, I’m still guarding my weenie. It might be nice if the cock ring would zap him if he touched my weenie inappropriately. Alas, it can’t. (No, my pet, I don’t want you to modify it or go searching for one that does.)

Lion had a bit of fun last night before he was locked up. I lined up a tight row of clothespins along the center line of his scrotum. I don’t think I’ve ever had them so closely packed before. Some of them were on more sensitive areas than others but together they formed quite a torturous row.

Of course, I yanked on them as I yanked on him. I made sure to spend a little more time on the ones on sensitive spots. I got him close to the edge a few times. I pulled a few clothespins off as I went. When all the clothespins were off he had what looked like a zipper on his scrotum. Can you imagine if I hadn’t used regular clothespins? I’m sure Lion is thinking about that right now.

Maybe next time.