Late Breakfast, Early Play

This morning the dog woke me up around 7:30. I tried to get out of bed without waking Lion. He said he was awake too and thought he was up for good. Once the dog came back in we fell back to sleep until 9:30. I guess we needed more sleep. Our plans had been to get breakfast at iHop and go to Costco. I wasn’t sure Lion still wanted to go since it was so late and generally iHop gets busy with the after-church crowd. He still wanted his all-you-can-eat pancakes, so off we went.

Halfway through breakfast Lion said, since the eye medicine makes him sleepy, he thought we should play in the afternoon. We can do that. Last night he was snoozing while we snuggled so I suggested we just snuggle. Playing in the afternoon will work today, but not on a weekday. I’m not sure how we’ll adjust then. There’s no reason we can’t play earlier, but it certainly won’t be afternoon. We’ll have to try different things until we hit upon the right timing.

At 8:50 last night, Lion remembered it was punishment day. I’d completely forgotten. Too bad he’d forgotten until it was too late to remind me. 8:30 is his deadline. He’s due some whacks today. We’re also scheduled to play our football spanking game. I’m not sure the two can be done in the same day. Well, the football swats don’t really do much to him. Scores generally happen far apart. I could do the punishment after the game. Or forego the football swats and just do penalties. That has more of an impact on him anyway. Of course, we could not do the football game altogether and do punishment whenever. I’ll have to decide which way to go.

We got Lion’s office somewhat cleaned up yesterday and installed his new monitor. My goal today is to get the dungeon cleaned up and put my rowing machine together. I’ll also make sure Lion has easier access to the exercise bike so he can strengthen his knee. Somewhere along the line I’ll throw the laundry in and clean up the kitchen/dining room. Still lots to do but I’ll make sure Lion gets his balls tied up and my weenie gets some attention. This is the first weekend in a long time that I feel we’ve actually accomplished something.