The Sleepy, Spacey Lion

My latest theory is that if you start off a new year with health problems, things will get better as the year goes on. I won’t tempt fate and say things can’t get worse. They can always get worse. I’ll just be quietly optimistic over here in the corner.

Lion wasn’t much in the mood for play yesterday. Well, he might have been in the mood but his body was not willing. The eye drops he’s on make him sleepy and spacey. I didn’t give him his punishment swats either. I know he doesn’t have to be in the mood for punishment but he should be conscious. The good news is that he doesn’t have to take the drops that make him the sleepiest and spaciest. By tomorrow he should be back to his old Lion self and ready for action.

I stayed home from work this morning to take Lion to the eye doctor. Neither of us thought he’d be safe driving. Since the doctor was double-, triple- or quadruple-booked, we waited a long time to actually see him. By the time we got some lunch and made it home, it made little sense for me to go to work. I could have stayed late but some of the work I do requires phone calls and, while I personally could have gotten a lot done with no one else around, I couldn’t call offices that are closed. I’ll go in a little early tomorrow to get things done. East coast offices will be open so I can get a head start on those calls.

Somehow I think Lion and I feel closer when we know there won’t be any sex. When I played with my weenie yesterday and then Lion said he didn’t think he was really in the mood, we just snuggled. Every so often one of us would squeeze a little tighter. I’m not sure if that was encouragement that everything was still okay or what. Maybe part of it was Lion showing how much he appreciates the things I do for him and how understanding I am when he’s not in the mood. Maybe it was reinforcement of how much we mean to each other. At any rate, it was nice. [Lion — It was all of the above.]