A Spanking Lesson

I am still out of sexual commission. Of course, that didn’t stop Mrs. Lion from spanking me Monday night. After all, I had gotten some chocolate on my shirt. Before she started, I suggested she aim a bit higher. Based on the pictures she’s taken (Right), her aim has been much more at my upper thighs than my butt. That does hurt more. I suggested she move a bit north and cover the lower half of my bottom, perhaps paying more attention to the center near my crack.

I’ve noticed from the pictures that Mrs. Lion has taken, most of the red and bruises are on my thighs. Much of the activity on my bottom has been on the sides. I suspect that this is partly due to the size of the paddle.

She has been using the larger, conveyor-belt material paddles. They are whippy and tend to hit harder on the far edge. This, combined with her low focus, leaves some of my most sensitive real estate untouched.

When we discussed this, she explained to me that I told her the most painful area is the upper thighs (true!) and that the area most likely to be felt is near the crease at the bottom of my butt (not exactly right). That’s why she has been concentrating there.

She isn’t wrong. However, the most sensitive areas for both spanking pain and next-day discomfort are in two places: the area just above the crease along my crack, going out about six inches on either side, and the area on the side of my butt above the crease going up about halfway. The lower center of each cheek is also excellent. This is the area my redness ends in the picture.

I’m not topping from the bottom. it’s just that I have a lot of experience spanking. The picture above was taken at a spanking late last month. Mrs. Lion used one of the smaller-faced wooden paddles on Monday. She left me a sore spot directly above the crease, right next to my crack. This is the area most likely to hurt when I sit. I don’t put my weight on my upper thighs.

There’s nothing wrong with the pattern in the picture. Mrs. Lion made her point quite well. If she also focused on covering the center, particularly the lower-center of my butt, she would have made an even stronger point. In terms of getting my upper thighs, aside from me really hating being spanked there, it is a perfectly reasonable area to attack. It just isn’t likely to cause next-day discomfort.

My advice would be — Boy, am I gonna regret this — to continue covering the areas in the picture, just add and really emphasize the center, particularly the area about 3-inches below the crease to about 4-inches above. that would be the area from the two bruises on either side of my crack, down to the bruises on my thighs.

I will be sorry I offered this spanking lesson.

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  1. Yes. Your bottom is processed somewhat unevenly, judging by the photo.

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