Well, guess what. Our football team lost yet again. Of course, when you’re running with your third string quarterback, you can’t expect much. Still, they scored 17 points which is better than they’ve done some weeks this season. The other team scored 49 so you can see how outgunned they were.

I don’t remember what our arrangement was for the football spanking game. Lion said it was three swats per point with a swat added for each loss. That should have been ten swats per point. Then he said the swat count was well over 500. I know the quarterback was sacked a bunch of times. Maybe that accounted for the extra swats. I suggested doing 300 swats before he said it was over 500.

I strapped him in. It wasn’t a punishment spanking, but 500 swats were going to hurt. I didn’t want him to wiggle too far. I used a leather paddle. I considered using the new one, but decided to save that one for punishment. In the end, it didn’t matter how many swats he was due. I lost count after a while. I’m pretty sure it was well over 300. It might have even been 500. I was doing them in bursts of 50. Some swats were slow. Some were rapid-fire. I made sure to spread them out across his cheeks. He still bled a bit. I’m sure it hurt, but probably not as much as a real punishment spanking with wooden paddles.

We probably won’t be playing that game again unless we come up with different rules. I doubt our team will win again this year. The more they lose, the more swats per point. They’ll be going against the number one team in the division twice before the end of the season. Chances are they’ll get smoked every game. Lion could wind up with 1000 swats. No one needs that many swats for a game.

After work, I’ve been puttering around doing chores. I admit I haven’t thought about sex. Lion wasn’t feeling well on Monday. I didn’t think to ask him if he was horny until around nine last night. He said he might be, but by that time, it was too late to do anything about it anyway. [Lion — Humph!]

This morning, he woke up with me. When I came back with breakfast, he was asleep again. After I made my long commute to work, he watched The Odd Couple and then went back to sleep until almost 11. I guess he didn’t sleep well last night. Or maybe he just isn’t over whatever he had Monday. For some reason, I was wide awake at 5:30. I decided I should try to sleep, rolled over, and noticed Lion facing me. He doesn’t normally sleep on his left side. Maybe that’s why he was still tired.

Tonight, I’ll see if he’s horny enough to do something. He should be well-rested now. We’ll see if Ozempic is messing with his libido. He starts a higher dosage soon. Maybe once he settles into the drug, he’ll get his mojo back. I hope so.

Since he wasn’t feeling well Monday, I didn’t do punishment day swats. He didn’t really get a lot of swats during the football game. I gave up when I thought the Eagles would win. It was too depressing. Tomorrow there’s no excuse unless he doesn’t feel well again. I’ll have to fill him with Tylenol to knock whatever it is out of him.

Lion mentioned Spankardy last night. He was answering a lot of questions correctly. He said he was practicing for our next game. I’m not trying to jinx him, but when we play, he tends not to be as lucky. Maybe the pressure of being spanked or zapped is too much for him. Of course, those were the old rules when he could opt out of trying to answer. He came up with new rules recently. We’ll have to fine-tune them before we play again.

lion sleeping on his back

Lion wasn’t interested in sex last night. We didn’t do Spankardy because I didn’t have the new rules committed to memory yet. Earlier in the evening he said he was tired. I assumed he was too tired for sex. Too tired for oral sex? I guess so, although later on he said he wasn’t tired anymore. Oh well. There’s always tonight.

The thought occurred to me as I was about to type “Spankardy” that we used to play Zapardy as well. It’s a similar game except it uses the shock collar rather the spanking. We haven’t done that in a while. We haven’t used the shock collar much at all. Maybe we’ll have to fix that. I’m sure he could use a nice zap once in a while.

Our diets are going well. I’ve eaten more fruit in the past few weeks than I have in the past few years. I went to the store yesterday and walked past all my favorite aisles to get to produce. I walked past candy. I walked past the Valentine’s section with candy. Did we pick a stupid time to start a diet? Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl. What were we thinking? We even got a visit from a cute little Girl Scout selling cookies. Yes, I checked the calorie count. It’s actually not too bad. A serving size is about 150 calories which is what most of our snacks are. The only problem is that a serving size is two or three cookies. Yeah, right! If I could stop at two or three cookies I wouldn’t look like this.

Lion misses going out to eat. We talked about having a cheat day. The problem I had with it is that we don’t want the same thing. I’ve been thinking about a big breakfast with an omelet and bacon. Lion was thinking of dinner. Then we talked about having pork chops or steak on Saturday. We’ve been splitting one regular size pork chop or steak for a while. Our downfall will be the baked potato slathered in butter. Plus, we already built in a cheat day for Super Bowl Sunday. Maybe we should just hold out till then.

I spent the morning at an in-person meeting for my company. I think something like 73% of us work from home now. Once a year the CEO travels to the big offices for a town meeting. This was my first one and it was another meeting that could have been an email. Well, maybe not, but definitely a video conference. They hype it as a good way to see your coworkers. Most of my coworkers are scattered all over the place. As far as I know, most of them have never met each other. Anyway, it was the first time in a long time I’d been anywhere for work.

We didn’t do anything sexual last night. I don’t know why. Maybe I was making Lion sweat it out. I know he wants an orgasm. (I hear you over there yelling, “Make him wait!”) Don’t worry. I’ll torture him again tonight. I probably won’t make him wait. I can’t promise he won’t be edged once or twice. That will just make it sweeter when he finally has a long-awaited (in his mind) orgasm.

The other day, Lion suggested playing a game. It seems like a good idea. We’d have to work out the details. I think he forgot, because we haven’t played in a long time, that we do have another game – Spankardy. I’m not sure I remember the exact rules, but I’m sure we can come up with them to play again. It actually sounds like a good game to play on Tuesday or Wednesday since those days don’t have punishment swats coming. Would it be bad if I gave him his elusive orgasm after work and then spanked him for our game later? He might not submit to that spanking as readily as if he was horny. On the other hand, does he have a choice?