hairless Lion
All the body hair is gone up to mid-thigh. I never considered my legs hairy until I saw this contrast.
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I had some fun this weekend. Sunday night, I got a nice long oral teasing session. Yes, it left me massively frustrated, but it was a lot of fun and felt very good. Mrs. Lion finished her hair removal chores leaving me nearly completely hairless. This time, she left all the hair from mid thigh to the bottom of my legs. Everything else came off. It looks a little odd to me seeing my legs half hairy and half bare skin. When I look at the picture on this page, I feel considerably more naked than I did when I had fur.

Maybe it’s because I’m so exposed this way. Even though it’s not new for me to be hairless, after this past weekend for some reason I feel particularly naked. When I see my bellybutton hairless it looks different to me than before we began removing so much of my body hair. It could be that only I’m struck by this look. Maybe you have to be inside the hairless skin to appreciate it the way I do.

This is an example of something that may be ordinary, even trivial, to the outside world, but to me it feels profound. I truly don’t understand why loss of my body hair makes me feel so vulnerable and exposed. It’s not like I was hairy before Mrs. Lion waxed me. Yes, I had some hair everywhere, but not so much anyone would consider me furry. Still, the complete absence of fur makes things very different. One reason I decided to publish this photo is that looking at it affects me so strongly.

I expect that most of us have things like this that affect us way out of proportion to the way others perceive them. Some we hold very private. For example, a lot of our male readers are profoundly affected by their practice of enforced chastity. Of course, they don’t want to share it with the world at large. It would be embarrassing and out of place to discuss. I’m not anxious for strangers to see my denuded body. Yet, there have been occasions when strangers could see me this way.

Oddly, I wasn’t affected when I went for surgery to remove a kidney stone. Nurses and doctors all saw that my hair had been removed. I didn’t give it a second thought. It could be that I was more worried about the kidney stone than any possible embarrassment caused by being different. I don’t think that was it. In that setting, at least, I felt comfortable that no one would be judging me.

On the other hand, when I went to shower at our local community center, I was concerned and embarrassed about being seen by other guys in the locker room. Logically it makes no sense. These are people I would be very unlikely to run into again. I imagine that my concern goes back to my school days. I was insecure about being naked in the showers there. It wasn’t that I was different from the other kids. I just felt vulnerable and subject to possible teasing.

Could it be I worried that the guys in the community center locker room would taunt me? I know that wouldn’t happen; well, I’d like to think it wouldn’t. Comments are much more likely in a friendly setting. Let’s say, we went to a play party. Chances are very good that women at the party would notice and comment (hopefully favorably) on my lack of body hair. I would be embarrassed, but in a nice, sexy way.

It isn’t logical that I would have any particular reaction, especially embarrassment. After all, I asked Mrs. Lion to remove the hair. It’s all my idea. I like the way it looks and feels. Yet, I still worry that if discovered people will tease me. That makes no sense at all logically.

Since Mrs. Lion left hair from mid thigh down, if I wear shorts no one will know just how bald I am everywhere else. Wasn’t that nice of her?


Lion's hairless butt
Lion wasn’t very hairy in back. Now his butt is as smooth as a baby’s
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The good thing is that Lion isn’t even half as furry on his posterior as he is on his anterior. Waxing the second day doesn’t take much time at all. I’m glad I’ve been doing the front first. That way, if I’m achy the next day, I don’t have too much to do. I don’t doubt I’ve missed spots along the way, but he’s 99.9% clear. I was thinking last night that we should have some minor waxing supplies upstairs for patches I find.

Since he was smooth as a baby’s butt and horny, I decided he should have some oral attention. It’s a little more difficult to edge him from that position, but I’m game. Generally when I take my position between his legs, he assumes he’s getting an orgasm. I’ve been trying to dissuade him from thinking that.

Sometimes I don’t fit as well on the bed as I’d like. If my leg falls with the foot board above or below my knee I’m fine. Last night it was exactly at my knee. I made the best of it. I managed to get him to the edge once before I stopped. He was sure he was heading for home. Not so, my pet. He hasn’t had much of a wait at all. [Lion — 3 days]

Afterwards I told him it could have been worse. If I hadn’t played with him at all and just left him horny, I thought it would be worse. He says no. Silly boy. He loves being tortured. He loves the attention. He loves being frustrated.

I was thinking about locking Lion in the cock ring but I forgot. Just before bed he said he hasn’t been locked up in a long time. It’s true. I toyed with the idea of locking him before I went to work but I’ve been trying to get out of the house earlier because traffic has been bad. I’ll have to ask Lion to remind me to lock him away tonight.

hairless hard Lion penis
It’s a real turn-on for me when I’m freshly waxed and hairless,
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Saturday was the first installment of hair removal day. My “Front” is now hairless. Yesterday, she made my back side match. Mrs. Lion commented that I’m quite high maintenance. I guess I am. One of the real challenges to the dominant partner in a full-time power exchange like ours is the number of related activities assigned on a regular basis. The advertising for D/S relationships leads one to believe that the dominant partner will have a life of leisure and endless orgasms. I know from my own experience as a full-time master nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s face it, the sort of submission we are talking about requires two players. The submissive partner doesn’t silently float through the household making life a work-free dream for his or her dominant. Even though a lot of people will argue with this, D/S is at least as much work for the top as it is for the bottom.

Spanking a bottom is not nearly as much fun as a nice game of tennis. Waxing me is work. Mrs. Lion has to bend over to apply and remove the wax. I get to lie there, or kneel while she toils over my furry body. A good way to get an idea just how much work topping entails, is to consider how much you have to pay someone to do this same stuff for you.

Body waxing is very expensive. A male Brazilian costs upwards of $100; chest waxing, a little less. Paying someone to spank you is going to cost a couple of hundred dollars. The reason spankings cost so much is that there aren’t a lot of people willing to do them professionally. It’s strictly supply and demand. But, it is work and it does take time. Mrs. Lion does all this work because she loves me and wants to make me happy. She’s not doing it because she gets an amazing thrill from it.

The bottom line is that even if your dominant partner enjoys the hell out of beating your butt, it’s still work. Chances are pretty good that there will be times she does it despite the fact she really doesn’t feel like it. I remember having an online conversation with a self-professed submissive about her role. She was telling me all of the things she expects her dominant to do. It was a long list of time-sucking, energy-draining activities that clearly turned her on. I asked her what her dominant got out of this. She announced, “The pleasure of dominating me.”


This is a common delusion. The sexual fantasy is that the dominant partner gets amazing pleasure out of fulfilling his submissive’s every wish. When I was a top I can tell you that I never signed up to be anyone’s genie. I realize that a lot of submissive people are so self-involved that they don’t rationally think about what they want.

On the other hand, there are people who identify themselves as dominant who have similar delusions. Sexual fantasies are very powerful things. I’ve known people (both men and women) who spent years fantasizing about one of the roles. They search endlessly for a partner who will fulfill these fantasies. Invariably, relationships based on this fail. I think the reason is that no matter how much you want to live in a world of BDSM, the actual amount of time you can do it constitutes a small part of your life. Most of the time is spent doing mundane, every day things.

A lot of people who spend years dreaming of being locked in a chastity device run a movie in their heads where their keyholders are two-dimensional creatures whose needs just happen to correspond to that movie’s storyline.

Maybe a good way to think about our roles is to consider how expensive it would be to replace our partners with people who aren’t involved with us. I’m not talking about the sitcom plot where the wife sends her husband the bill for all her household chores. An episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” featured his wife charging him for the work she does at home. He couldn’t afford her.

It’s funny to see. But there is a grain of truth. What we do for each other out of love is valuable. What Mrs. Lion does for me could never be bought with money. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth money, it means you can’t pay someone to truly love you and want to make you happy.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship like mine, this is a very good time to stop and offer a sincere “Thank you!” If Mrs. Lion never did another dominant thing to me, it wouldn’t reduce my love one bit. While I treasure the way she has taken up her role, it isn’t why I love her. I can’t really explain why I love her. I don’t have to. All I know is that I can’t imagine my life without her.

Thank you, Mrs. Lion.

I have so many things to do around here and I haven’t been feeling well. I was sure that I didn’t want to wax Lion yesterday, but since it takes two days to accomplish, I had to start yesterday and finish today. Once the Tylenol kicked in it wasn’t so bad. I may have even figured out how to do his legs so I don’t leave bruises. That doesn’t mean I want to do his whole leg. I did from mid-thigh up. The front side of the Lion is fur free. Today I tackle the back side. Generally there’s less fur so I hope it will go more quickly.

During our waxing session, with Lion pointing out places I missed and which way I should pull the wax to get that hair, I told him he’s high maintenance. I’ve thought it for a while, especially when it comes to hair removal, but I don’t think I actually ever said it. It’s not necessarily a complaint, although he’ll take it as one. I consider him high maintenance sometimes when he wants to go out for dinner and I don’t. Or if he insists on doing something a certain way. My way would have been just as good, but we had to get there his way.

I like to think of myself as low maintenance. I don’t spend hours in the bathroom getting ready. From beginning to end, I can get be out the door in as little as ten minutes if I need to. I’ve showered the night before. We both do. All I need to do is brush my teeth, get dressed, brush my hair, put on deodorant, grab my phone and keys, and I’m set. What’s for dinner? Soup. Sandwich. Eggs. Works for me. Lion’s lament that there’s nothing to eat usually means there’s nothing here he wants to eat. We could survive off the food in the freezer for weeks if nothing had to match with anything else. Hot dogs with hash browns? Why not?

Maybe my low maintenance is actually high maintenance from Lion’s point of view. He apologizes when I’m ready first because he thinks he’s slowing me down. Most of the time he’s not. When he says, “There’s just one more thing I need to do”, that slows me down. Let’s put that in perspective though. Getting ready implies we’re going out. Going out is generally something I’d rather not do. I’m a homebody. The longer it takes us to get out, the longer it takes us to get back. Should we stop somewhere for lunch? We could eat home. What’s at home to eat? There’s nothing to eat.

Yes, you guessed it. This is just one more way we’re different. It’s a good thing we let our love develop organically. If we had done any charts with pros on one side and cons on the other, we’d never have gotten together.

Later on, I’ll wax the back side of my high maintenance Lion. The laundry will get done. I don’t know how much of the rest of the list will be crossed off, but we’ll deal with that organically too.