Super Bowl Bruises

I think Lion enjoys causing himself trouble. Let’s examine his track record:

He started off by asking me to spank him all those years ago. Then he introduced other evil ways to torture him. Several years ago he suggested male chastity. More recently, he came up with the idea of putting me in charge. I am now responsible for his orgasms, behavior, and whether or not he has access to his favorite toy.

Is he out of his mind?


This morning he suggested we up the ante for our football spanking/zapping game. Since we both hate the Patriots, he proposed a change in the amount of swats he receives when they score. I’ve agreed. He will now receive four swats for every Patriot point scored. Maybe he should receive ice cubes for his sore buns when the Rams score.

Of course, another possibility is to have the same amount of swats for each team’s score but use a meaner paddle for the Patriots. Or I could reduce the number of Rams swats to one per point. As you can see, there are any number of permutations. I just really, really, really don’t want the Patriots to win.

Lion is safely locked in his locking cock ring again. Not that that makes much difference. He can still touch my weenie. But it also reminds him (I hope) that he shouldn’t. I also hope it reminds him how horny he is and that I’m the only one who can remedy that situation. And no, I don’t plan to remedy it right away. I’m enjoying his frustration too much.


  1. Hi, I would like my wife to be like you ?. We have made some attempt at chastity but she ends up losing interest. I think that fetishists need our penis and our body to be the center of the relationship and that is difficult in heterosexual relationships.
    Sorry for my English.

  2. I like the idea of reducing the number and intensity of swats for the Rams scores. The Superbowl is a special game so his spanking should be different to a usual game. Knowing that Rams scores equal mild, almost pleasant, strikes and Patriots scores equal butt bruisers should add an edge appropriate to the big game.

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