lion's spanked ass
Over 30 sets of 10 swats each. Lion held still and didn’t seem to be in much distress. Next time 15 swat groups closer together.
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On Friday afternoon, we were getting the garbage ready. Lion’s knee gave out on him and he fell before he even made it out of the bedroom. His elbow started to swell but we managed to get the garbage cans into the truck and down to the end of the driveway. Despite icing his elbow, it swelled up into a nasty bruise. Needless to say, we didn’t play that night.

Saturday we ran some errands and went out to dinner. It’s been a long time since we’ve been out of the house for any length of time. Lion hasn’t felt well enough. It was nice to see him enjoying himself outside the bedroom.

one cheek sized paddle
I used this paddle this morning. The holes may have caused some of the spots on his butt.
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When we got home, we wallowed in our fullness. Well, I guess I did. Lion was fine. When we snuggled, he asked if I was ok. I’ve recognized this as code for: why aren’t we playing? I said I was fine. He said we hadn’t played all weekend. All weekend? It’s Saturday. It’s true I said I was going to paint his toes and put him in panties, but he wasn’t talking about that. He wanted to get started on his new spanking idea. Lets do it now. How about now? Now?

It was too late (I thought) to do it last night. So I suggested starting today. I thought maybe every few hours I could whomp him a bit. He said his idea was for every day. Ok. I can live with that. We have our football game today. If I do the spanking early enough, he’ll feel the football swats even more. I owe him swats for not reminding me yesterday was punishment day. Should he get the punishment and the football swats on the same day? Why not? He’s always telling me what a tough old butt he has. Besides, if I don’t do the punishment I’ll forget.

Lion is still sleeping, but the plan is for punishment swats before noon and football swats whenever we watch the game. Poor Lion butt.


  1. Nice job on his ass! One of these days he’ll regret what he wished for—nah, no regret—he’s Lion!!

  2. Author

    You know him so well!

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