My Suggestion For Our New Year’s Resolution

Another year is nearly over. We’ve completed our fifth year of enforced chastity and female led relationship with discipline (FLRD). There have been a  lot of changes. We’ve each embraced our roles. What we do isn’t a BDSM caricature. It’s a working relationship that incorporates our power exchange.

As I wrote yesterday, our progress isn’t uniform. Both of us have difficulty with discipline. For my part, I don’t gracefully accept my well-earned spankings. For her part, Mrs. Lion often overlooks transgressions crying out for correction and is way too willing to let me escape my full measure of pain.

This isn’t surprising. We have no yardstick to measure discipline. Neither of us was physically punished as a kid. We lacked strong authority figures. That doesn’t mean my bottom goes unswatted. Mrs. Lion spanks me and I feel her displeasure. It isn’t consistent and doesn’t rise to the level of our enforced male chastity power exchange.

We’ve been very successful with sex. In the five years we’ve been doing this, I haven’t masturbated once. My only ejaculations have been at Mrs. Lion’s hands (and mouth). Chastity is consistent and successful. I am her sexual property. And I love it!

It may be that we need to make 2019 the year of the paddle, We both agree that we want a disciplinary relationship. Mrs. Lion is an accomplished spanker, as witness her NFL spanking game results. I think we need to resolve to help each other build good disciplinary habits. Yesterday, I proposed training sessions for me so I can more gracefully accept a meaningful spanking. I’ll need to remind Mrs. Lion to begin.

We need to be consistent regardless of our mood or interest at the moment. We’ve been successful in the past when we resolve to do something. There’s no reason we can’t make this work too. Here we go again!


  1. So when the super bowl is finished your football spanking game disappears. So I was thinking how you might incorporate the other major sports. In hockey 5-10 spanks with every goal; several with every penalty…
    In basketball 5-10 spanks every time the lead exceeds 10 points; 7 smacks when a player gets a technical or fouls out! 14 if both occur on the same play…
    Baseball is probably the easiest. 6 snacks for every strikeout! 5 for every home run… ?? If your pitcher throws a one hitter or better.
    Just throwing out ideas! lol

    1. Author

      The challenge is finding a sport we both enjoy watching. Then, there is the logistic challenge of a sport with long enough pauses after a score to permit bearing me. Football is perfect for this. It has everything! We’ve discussed watching the NFL channel for replays that go on year round.

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