Adding to the Paddle Collection

Several years ago, Lion was upset that we hadn’t played in a long time. He decided to donate a bunch of toys to a local organization known as the Center for Sex Positive Culture. They were thrilled to receive the myriad of paddles, bondage gear, etc. Some of the stuff we had used a few times and some we hadn’t used at all. One of the volunteers was particularly excited about the Louisiana prison strap. I don’t know if Lion ever used it or had it used on him, but it seems far to unwieldy for me to handle. As a guess, I’d say it was probably a year or so later that Lion suggested enforced chastity.

Now, don’t think we were paddle-less. We didn’t give everything away. But there have been times when one of us has been thinking about a particular paddle or implement, wondering where it was hiding, only to decide it was probably in the donation. It’s not like we don’t have enough toys left. We did have a few rolls of horse rope I think we donated that might have been nice to have again but it’s not like we really need it, nor like we don’t know where to get some if we really wanted it. The point is, we have everything we need.

That said, Lion has been on a paddle acquisition kick lately. In truth, I did ask for the original tenderizer. I thought it would be fun to have a paddle to make several points, pun intended. A few weeks ago I wondered if it came in a heavier wood. Lion was off and running. (I guess if I still had that horse rope I could lasso him.) He bought the new tenderizer with a longer handle in a heavier wood. Then he bought a spoon shape in that same wood. Today he was telling me about three more paddles he’s ordered. He hasn’t spent that much money but I’m wondering if I need to hold onto his credit cards. How many more paddles do we need? Maybe he’s done adding to the collection now.

One thing I like about the tenderizers is the finish of the wood. It’s very smooth and velvety soft. I told Lion today that I like the juxtaposition of the soft feel of the wood and the hardness of the swats. He agrees the paddles are well-made and the finish is nice although he never really gets to feel the softness. Poor Lion butt.

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