Mrs. Montezuma’s Revenge And A Small Squirt

Thursday night we went out to dinner. Mrs. Lion is very fond of Mexican food, so we went to the local Mexican eatery. This is the third time we’ve had Mexican food since the beginning of summer. Each time, I manage to get some salsa on my shirt. This results in a painful spanking. Thursday was no exception.

I haven’t mastered dipping corn chips in salsa and then getting it all into my mouth without some landing on my shirt. I was very careful this last visit to no avail. Mrs. Lion pointed to a small red spot on the front of my shirt. She gave me that you-know-what’s-going-to-happen-when-we-get-home look.

Sure enough, after Mrs. Lion’s shower, she told me to lie across the bed. She got her wooden spoon and repeated her now-famous performance of very fast swats to the same place on each cheek. The fire she created on my butt was far hotter than anything in that restaurant. She’s become a virtuoso with her wooden spoon. I tried to roll away a couple of times. Each attempt was greeted with her no-nonsense look. I really wanted to escape.

When she finished, she had an amused look on her face. Later, after the fire cooled down in back, I asked her if the liked spanking me. She said she wasn’t sure. She didn’t say she dislike beating me. A neutral attitude is a big change from the way she felt in the past. Clearly, she is comfortable with making my bottom very sore. Her comfort seems to grow as my discomfort increases.

Next on her agenda was teasing me. I was more than ready. She edged me several times. The last few were with very slow, small strokes. I realized she was going to give me a broken orgasm. She’d get me very close and stop. She would give me a few more strokes, and stop. She waited about 15 seconds and start again; a few strokes, stop, wait, and do it again. Before long she got me over the edge and watched as semen slowly leaked out of the head of my penis. She cleaned me with her finger and inserted it in her mouth. She then squeezed my penis like a toothpaste tube, getting the last drops out.

A little later, she had me pick a card from the Box O’Fun. She read the card silently with an evil grin.

“What did I pick?” I asked.

“The tiny clothespins,” she said.

She smiled and wondered out loud if I could get hard enough Friday night to stand at attention while she put those nasty clothespins on the head of my cock. This is the absolute worst CBT activity we have. Two of those little clothespins are pure agony.

Last night, I found out, Fortunately for me, Mrs. Lion  just put one on the shaft of my cock. After a while, she moved it to the head of my cock. I yelled, “Get it off! Get it off,” She did.

I lost my erection. Mrs. Lion declared the evening a success. She got me very aroused one night after the ruined orgasm. And, she did what the card in the Box O’Fun said. I picked another card. Tonight it will be regular clothespins.