Where’s My Scorecard?

Lion has a new suggestion. He keeps saying he shouldn’t be making suggestions and, yet, here he goes again. In truth, I don’t mind his suggestions. I smile when he says he shouldn’t make suggestions. I know he can’t really help himself. I’ve learned to listen to the suggestions and decide on my own whether we’ll be incorporating them into our relationship.

His latest suggestion, as I’m sure you’ve read in his post this morning, is for him to receive ruined orgasms more often. Regular orgasms would be for special occasions. I told him I’ll think about it. So far, what I think is that I don’t like ruined orgasms. I also think Lion changes his mind more often than the proverbial woman.

In addition to saying he shouldn’t be making suggestions, he’s said he doesn’t like ruined orgasms and he doesn’t like orgasms on special occasions. Sometimes I feel like I need a scorecard to keep track. Recently he said a ruined orgasm is more like a regular orgasm than he realized. Now he wants them because they aren’t like a regular orgasm.

I suppose there’s no real harm in trying ruined orgasms for a while. It’s just another experiment. We can adjust as necessary. We can stop if we decide it just isn’t working. Or we can continue if it is. Maybe this is Lion’s way of making things un-boring for me. What a guy! Always thinking of me.

[Lion — I don’t remember contradicting myself on the subject of ruined orgasms. My feeling is that a ruined orgasm is like a much more intense edging session. The let down is harder. I made this suggestion to offer a way for Mrs. Lion to have her ejaculate and eat it too, so to speak. A ruined orgasm should produce semen. It also has the same sort of frustrating sensations for me as edging. Given that, I figured a full orgasm could be much less frequent than it is now without losing the ejaculate she likes. That’s all.]


  1. I find ruined orgasms to be vastly different from full orgasms. My horniness remains high. If it’s ruined properly I often remain hard. Or at the least can regain my erection in a very short period of time. I don’t get a lot of pleasure—rather it’s a let down feeling. But they appeal to my Queen. So I do get them occasionally.

    1. It’s pretty much the same for me, though I do get some pleasure from it.

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