Fixing the Lions

Tomorrow I pick up my CPAP machine. I vacillate between thinking it won’t help at all to thinking it will fix everything. In the afternoon, Lion has an appointment with a eye specialist. I’m also vacillating on that subject. I know it’s almost impossible that we’ll get a definitive answer in one visit, but I really want one. Here’s the diagnosis; here’s the treatment; Lion will be good as new. Fingers crossed for both.

I’m not sure if we’re dealing with a change in the weather, an allergen, or we’re just very slowly sneaking up on getting colds. We’ve both been stuffy. My sinuses don’t hurt like when I have sinusitis. I’m just annoyingly stuffy. I assume Lion feels the same way. And we’re tired. We’ve been bone tired for over a week now. We sleep, wake somewhat rested, but then we’re exhausted again. I think it’s a sign that it’s time to hibernate.

Needless to say, Lion wasn’t very interested in play last night. We snuggled and I was trying to revive my weenie but it wasn’t going so well. Lion begged off because he was stuffy, so we snuggled for a while longer and then had dessert. Yes, we’re boring. It’s hard not to let life intrude when it intrudes. Plus, I’m not sure anyone is non-boring 24/7/365. We’re not on TV. Even then I’m sure we’d be able to string together an hour’s worth of excitement out of a week’s worth of filming. And those “reality” shows repeat an awful lot within the same show.

Today I’m catching up on laundry and we’re heading to Costco. We’ll likely collapse back into bed when we get home and watch TV or movies while we snooze off and on. I’m really hoping we get acclimated to this weather change quickly so we can get things back to normal. Until then, we’ll just do the best we can.


  1. CPAP machine works. Just Use It.

  2. My husband notices a huge difference with his CPAP. He’s better rested and more focused. Because, oxygen. And, as Russ said, above: you just have to use it.

    An FYI ~ sometimes it takes a few tries to get the right fit & style of mouth/nose piece. It’s worth taking the time to figure out which type works best for you.

    Good luck!

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