Lion thinks hand jobs are boring. That’s no an oversimplification, of course. He likes blow jobs. He agrees that BDSM would help because it makes sex the focus. It also makes him the focus. He likes being the center of attention. Scratch that. He likes being the center of my attention.

Last night, I asked him what I could do to make things less boring. Actually, I asked what I could do short of a blow job that would make things less boring. He said he didn’t know. Then he asked how I was feeling. I was fine. He wondered if I didn’t want to give him blow jobs anymore. That’s not the problem. I just wonder if blow jobs will become as boring for him as hand jobs have become. If you do one thing, as I did hand jobs, it stands to reason it will become mundane. The thing is, even if I don’t do hand jobs all the way, I’ll still probably start out with a hand job if I’m doing clothespins or tying up his balls. I have to try to get him somewhat excited before I start pinching him with any kind of clothespins, but especially the harsher ones.

I was thinking about this for a while after I read his post. It’s somewhat demoralizing to hear what you do is boring. My first thought was “Yeah well, you’re boring too! Have you ever tried doing things for someone who just lays there?” But that’s not very constructive. I think it would be nice to have him a little more involved. He’ll say he’d be more involved if I wanted sex. I’m not even talking about that. I can’t get him to tell me if he’s horny. If I ask directly, he’ll say he doesn’t know, but we can try something to see. Even if he’s been thinking about having his balls tied up, he won’t tell me because he wants me to be in charge. He doesn’t seem to have a problem disagreeing if I come up with something he doesn’t want, like IcyHot or even the Magic Wand at times. I’m fine not doing a certain activity, but it may have taken me all day to come up with that idea. If he’d suggest an alternative, it would help.

On the other hand, if I am in charge, how dare he say anything I’m doing is boring. What I say goes, buster. If I want to do a hand job, then dammit, you’re getting a hand job. Snap to it! Get that weenie hard.

Yeah. That’ll work.

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