Ball Swats

I was going to make Lion pick from the Box O’Fun before I edged him last night but I thought that might detract from his fun with Velcro. I didn’t want anything to come between him and his hatred of those tiny little teeth biting into his skin. Nope. No distractions for Lion.

Despite, or maybe because of, his dislike of Velcro, Lion got very hard. I added and subtracted Velcro as I edged him. When he thought we were done, I’d put it back on. I have to keep him guessing. In the end, I got him very close to the edge, sucked him for a minute and then left him hanging. I think he hates the Velcro more than being frustrated but that just makes both more fun.

A while after I had dashed his hopes for an orgasm, Lion asked if I was going to make him pick from the Box O’Fun. Duh! I’d forgotten. He carefully sifted through the cards and pulled one out: ball swats. He groaned. Poor thing. Where are all the “good” cards in there? He even asked if I was putting the used cards in the other box. Yes, my pet. It’s not like he’s chosen ball swats recently.

While I was edging him, a thought popped into my mind for a new game. Since it’s football season, why not zap him every time a penalty flag is thrown? I realize this isn’t really fair in the sense that Lion has no control over when a flag is thrown, but life isn’t really fair. Alternatively, I could give him swats when points are scored – either for our team or against them. He doesn’t have any control over that either. Depending on the game, he might get zapped a lot. Sometimes there are very few penalties. Generally our team can’t score points to save their lives. We’ll have to work out the details but it seems fun to me so far.