Bakeries and Waxing Lion

Yesterday I went for the analysis of my sleep study. I have mild sleep apnea. I get to wear a stylish mask to bed. If that doesn’t get Lion’s motor running, I don’t know what will. It’ll be a few weeks before I get that sexy mask so I’ll have to figure out other ways to arouse him in the meantime.

We watched waxing videos before I attempted another waxing session. I should say Lion watched them. I napped through a lot of it. I got the gist. I was just so tired yesterday. I think waxing looks easy on the videos because the guy has done it about a million times and because he’s waxing a young, muscular guy who doesn’t have loose skin here or there. Some areas of Lion are easier to pull the skin tight. Others, not so much. Plus, the hair is dark against the waxee’s skin. The waxer isn’t hunting for a gray hair or going after that one patch of stubborn hair that doesn’t want to come off no matter what direction you try.

When I was done Lion asked if he was hairless on the front. I told him I doubted it. He seemed disappointed. I can’t guarantee I got every hair off. I can’t guarantee I didn’t miss an entire patch somewhere. I’m not a professional waxer. I’m not even close. But I’m doing my best. At least I don’t seem to have bruised him as badly as last week or the week before. Today I’ll tackle the flip side.

Lion got himself in trouble last night. He started out with a few bits of tortilla chips on his shirt. That wasn’t the problem. It was when he added salsa to the mix that he earned some swats. I thought about it when we first got home but I was so full I just wanted to relax for a bit. Then Lion fell asleep watching TV. I was struggling to stay awake myself. By the time we were both awake again, the dog had her ice cream and we were back to watching TV, I’d forgotten all about his punishment. When he asked me about it as I was falling asleep, I told him I’d get him today. I was probably too tired to give him the nice punishment he deserved last night anyway.

Today we are off to lay in a supply of bagels and to pick up Lion’s birthday cake. Years ago I found an Italian bakery that comes fairly close to m atching Lion’s favorite Italian bakery in Greenwich Village; at least as far as rum birthday cakes are concerned. We’re still getting things ready for our guest who is arriving on Thursday, so we’ll be doing some more cleaning and hiding of toys. The punishment stool will be hidden in the basement. It might be hard to explain why there’s a piece of welcome mat on a kitchen stool. Better to remove it from view.