Spanking Time Again

{Saturday, dinner time} I’m now hairless from the neck down. Mrs. Lion waxed my front side on Friday and my flip side this afternoon. Her technique is steadily improving each session. For some reason, when I looked down at my legs, the fact that the hair is gone struck me. That’s odd since I’ve had no hair for about two months now. Maybe it was the bright, LED lighting in our dungeon. I don’t know. but it struck me.

I’m horny again. It’s only been three days since my last orgasm. Tonight I’ll get that spanking for getting salsa on my shirt last night. I wonder if knowing that’s coming is turning me on. I’m not surprised.I find spankings exciting; at least before they start. It doesn’t take long to lose the arousal once she goes to work.

It’s really odd that even though I know how much I will hate the spanking and anything that comes after it, I’m still turned on in anticipation. Years ago, at a BDSM club in NY, a guy was being spanked severely. He was bent over a saw horse. His top was going to town on his butt and he had a raging hardon the entire time. He clearly liked the pain. In contrast, my erection is gone almost immediately once the paddle starts whacking my bottom.

The after-spanking activities do nothing to improve my mood. I hate spending time in the corner sitting on my punishment stool. The stiff coconut fibers penetrate my skin like little needles. When I’m finally allowed to get up, I’m stuck to the painful surface. It hurts to leave its embrace. I’ve wondered how it would feel to get up and then sit down again. Fresh skin would feel the sharp fibers. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened yet.

Mrs. Lion’s other after-spanking activity is mouth soaping. So far this hasn’t been too bad at all. We use Dove hypo-allergenic soap. It’s unscented and Ph balanced. It has almost no taste at all. Still, it is mouth soaping. The time she used Ivory soap it was very different. That has a really bad flavor. I tasted it for some time after I rinsed out my mouth.

As long as the amount of time I have to hold the soap in my mouth is about five minutes, all I get is a bad tasting experience. Once, when I had to hold it for 15 or 20 minutes, I got mild caustic burns in my mouth and throat from the soap. It wasn’t horrible, but my throat hurt for a day or two. Five to ten minutes seems to be a safe and thoroughly unpleasant soaping experience. Mission accomplished.

I’m not sure which after-spanking punishment is most appropriate for getting salsa on my shirt. Fortunately, it’s not my job to figure out. Perhaps I will get spanked with no add-on. A lion can hope.

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