Slipping Salsa And Lessons From Mom

It was bound to happen. Sooner or later I would slip. Last night I got food on my shirt. It’s the curse of Montezuma. Every time we go to a Mexican restaurant and they put the plate of tortilla chips with nice salsa in front of me, I have to eat some. Good ol’ Montezuma makes the salsa slide off the chip and onto my shirt. Last time, we were on our July 4th camping trip and we had our traditional dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Mrs. Lion gave me that you’re-in-truoble smile, and sure enough my butt was red and burning a few hours later.

This time my butt is pristine. Mrs. Lion observed my little slip (slop?) and, yes, I got the look. But the night passed with no paddles applied to my butt. Being a stupid male, I asked her about it as she was falling asleep — see, I’m not that stupid — and she said in a sleepy voice, “I forgot.”

I won’t need to remind her again. It’s been well over a month since my last punishment. I have been reprimanded for upsetting her, but no punishments resulted. That, of course, is just growing pains as she gets used to the idea that she can beat me for annoying her. That;s a big leap for her. I would think it is for most women. They aren’t raised to be forceful with their mates. Their moms never told them about this.

Most of the time when I read about parenting in a Female Led Relationship (FLR), dealing with children in the house is mentioned the same way others discuss BDSM in homes with kids. It’s not cool to bring non-consenting people into a power exchange. Children fall into that category. So,  no, I don’t advocate indoctrinating the kiddies with tales of female power.

I think there are opportunities to display our alternate take on “Father Knows Best”. No, you shouldn’t spank dad in front of the kids or make him grovel on the floor or humiliate him at the family dinner table. But it is perfectly reasonable to ask him to do things that other kids’ moms usually do. You know, cooking and serving and cleaning up. Again, not in a humiliating way, but just as it should be: a normal part of day-to-day life.

I knew a couple who had a female-led power exchange. It was mostly BDSM play. One morning their teenage daughter said that she heard spanking going on in her parents’ bedroom. “How can you let dad hit you?” her daughter asked. Without a taking a beat, her mother answered, “How do you know your father was doing the spanking?”

I’m not suggesting that situations like this be manufactured by a couple. I think that when an older child stumbles on some evidence of role surprises, that it be handled in the way my friend did. No explanation was offered. No lies were told. Just a reasonable question that offers a lot more information than a long “birds and bees” conversation.

In case you wondered, I almost certainly won’t get through the day today without a sore bottom. A lioness, even a tired one, doesn’t forget her duty.