I’ve been sitting here trying to decide if I should have Lion masturbate for me. It’s not something that needs to be decided right this second or even any time soon. It’s just on my mind because, well, sometimes it’s just on my mind, and we’ve written about it recently. He insists I wrote a post about not liking the fact that he used to masturbate. I didn’t go through all my previous posts to look at the context in which I said I didn’t like it. The more I think about it, the more I think it was from the point of view of not being involved with giving him the sex he needed at the time. I didn’t care so much that he did it. It bothers me that I put him in the situation where he felt he had to. That still doesn’t answer my question of whether he should masturbate now.

Not long after he was caged, I asked him to masturbate for me so I could see his technique. Sure, you just yank up and down until stuff comes gushing out. Simple. That works sometimes. When Lion is very horny it seems like a gentle breeze will do the trick. But there are nuances. Harder, softer. Faster, slower. I wanted to see what he did. It was educational for me. I don’t know how it felt for him. What is similar to having the teacher catch you passing notes in class and read the note to everyone? Crap! Now everyone knows that secret.

The issue now is whether he should be allowed to touch himself in that capacity anymore. After all, I locked him up to keep his hands off Mr. Weenie. He’s been locked away so he can’t get himself into trouble. He should be dependent on me for all of his sexual needs. Why on earth would I want him to masturbate after all this time?

Lion would still be dependent on me for his sexual needs. He wouldn’t be unlocked if it weren’t for me. True, he does have to keep his hands off Mr. Weenie except for the occasional wild shower or if there is a reason to touch it. Maybe he needs to show me where he has a sore spot. How much trouble can he get himself into with me sitting right there? (Although, given the ideas he comes up with that ultimately lead to trouble for himself, that’s a loaded question.) But I like to watch Lion’s face as I masturbate him. It’s interesting to see him scrunch his face up at times and sneak a peek at me other times. I’d like to be able to concentrate on that sometimes rather than paying attention to when I have to stop. I think it might be more interesting to watch him as he decides how far he can push himself to get just to the edge and no further.

I’m torn. I can see it has the potential to be a slippery slope. Why keep him caged if I’m going to allow him to masturbate anyway? It certainly wouldn’t be a regular occurrence. I don’t think I’d have him do it when he was very horny. The margin of error might be too great. On the other hand, maybe that’s the perfect time to do it. Then I could establish a special punishment for allowing himself to come when he was only supposed to edge himself.

While I don’t think a game like Snake Charmer has devised for Snake would work in our case, having Lion masturbate for me has definite possibilities. I just have to work out my own twists to the idea.

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    I think the difference is in telling him to do it for you. It’s not “allowing” him to do it when he wants. You still own the orgasm, he’s performing for you at your direction.

    It’s been a subtle but important difference in this game this weekend.


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