Report On BellaFlash Pubic Hair Removal

BellaFlash hair removal system
This is the hair removal system we bought to tame Lion’s nether regions. Click the image to go to Costco product page.

Yesterday was a bit less hectic than Saturday. We went to the warehouse store and the supermarket. Mrs. Lion kindly did manscaping. The new Bella Flash hair removal device shows great promise. After only three weeks, there is a marked reduction of the amount of hair growing back. The BellaFlash device uses a flash tube as the source of energy. Flash tubes are used in photography as well as powerful landing lights and other “strobe” applications.

The bright light contains a lot of energy; very similar to the energy contained in a laser beam. The flash transmits heat through dark hairs to the follicle. This action stuns the follicle and it doesn’t produce more hair, at least for a while. I had laser treatments about fifteen years ago that covered a lot of my pubic hair. Almost all of it has not returned. There is just one stubborn patch at the base of my penis that kept growing back very thin hairs.

Since the three treatments with the Bellaflash, this area is growing back a much lighter crop. In other places that the laser never touched, namely my rear, Mrs. Lion notes that in many spots hair hasn’t returned. In others it is sparser. That means the BellaFlash is getting enough heat down to the follicles to at least stun them.

Treatments have to continue every two weeks for some months. Follicles grow hairs on their own schedule. Dermatologists have observed that some go dormant for as much as 250 days before sprouting. So, the BellaFlash can’t attack a follicle that hasn’t produced a hair. Over eight or nine months most, if not all, follicles will produce some hair. The biweekly treatments should catch them as they come up past the skin.

Numb Master anesthetic gel
This is the Lidocaine gel I use to reduce the pain associated with the BellaFlash hair removal system. Click image for a link to where I buy it.

This process isn’t without pain. The flash can hurt. My balls, in particular, are the most sensitive. We are able to flash most of me at maximum power. You want to use the most power you can. We have to go down a notch for my balls. I use an anesthetic cream before each treatment. Without it, the discomfort is very high. I use Numb Master. It’s a 5% Lidocaine gel. That’s the most concentrated you can buy without a prescription. It gets applied over the entire area to be treated. A few minutes after the first application, you put a thick coating of it over the first. Then you cover the area with plastic wrap. The wrap keeps it from rubbing off and it also causes the area to get warmer. This activates the anesthetic. Wait between 30 and 45 minutes before starting the treatment. Just before treating, remove the plastic wrap and use a wet washcloth to clean up the area. Then shave the entire area and do the light treatment. The gel is expensive but well worth the cost. It takes most of the pain out of the flash.

The day after treatment you may notice what looks like a sunburn where you used the BellaFlash. This is normal. You will also see “stubble” appearing to grow out of the treatment area. Actually this is the burnt hair that was under the skin being pushed out. It’s not new hair growing back. This process only works on dark hair and light skin. It won’t work on blonde or grey hair. The unit checks the color of your skin, and if it is too dark, it won’t fire.

If you buy the device from Costco, you can return it any time if you don’t get results. Amazon only gives you a thirty day return time limit. The results so far are on a par with the professional laser treatments I got from a doctor. Of course, it will be months before I know if this turns out to be just as long lasting. I’m encouraged by the results so far.