The Box is Back

I pulled out the Box O’Fun last night and Lion selected Ball Bondage. I had already gotten him hard when I went to get the Box O’Fun. When I got back he wasn’t hard anymore. Can you say “omen”? Then I had trouble securing both balls. One kept running away. I finally got both of them tied up, but I think the damage was already done. Lion didn’t really respond after that. I mean, he was hard and he was willing. But his heart and his hard on were not into it. He was too itchy.

It’s not a big deal. Of course I would rather have him respond to me. But not being in the mood one day isn’t a deal breaker. What is a big deal is that we revived (don’t get all excited, it was just one day so far) the Box O’Fun. I know he didn’t pick out one of the mean things but I would have done it if he had. I think my aversion to them has more to do with the fact that they seem more like punishment than play, than feeling I don’t have permission to do them.

I know Lion has given me permission to do everything I do to him. He’s actually given me permission to do more than I do to him. I just haven’t done those things yet. And some of them I may never do. For example, I once saw someone using sounds. It looked interesting. Lion bought a set of sounds and we’ve never used them. It does looked interesting. I don’t think I want to do it. To me, the risk of infection and puncture is just too imposing. If I screw up, Lion could be hurt badly. Another example is water sports. We tried it once. Lion drank either my pee or his own. I’ve seen someone pee on another person and the receiver was in heaven. I guess if Lion really wanted to do it, I would do it for him but, so far, he hasn’t requested it again.

We’ll try the Box O’Fun again tonight and see what he chooses. I have till then to steel myself for the mean things.


  1. Disinfect the sounds real well & use a lot of water based lube & the sounds are a great playtoy.

    1. We’ve never played with sounds. We do have a set. 😉

  2. I never “got” water-sports, either as a top or bottom, but a submissive I played with for a while *loved* it… To each his own…

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