Dr. Lion

Yesterday was our anniversary. I also had a doctor’s appointment. As I was explaining to Lion what the doctor said, he said I didn’t have the condition for which I’ll be tested. Really? Thank you Dr. Lion. But it was our anniversary so I didn’t say anything.

Later on, Lion used the “royal we” when talking about chores that needed to be done. He said “we” need to change the bed and “we” need to clean the dog bowls and placemat. This is code for Lioness needs to do it. Lion says it doesn’t but since I wind up doing it more often than not, it does.

Combined with the know-it-all statements, I was annoyed. This morning, Lion reminded me it was punishment day and suggested he get a maintenance spanking to help him stay still during spankings. I told him about the doctor conversation. When he said, “Poor Lion” in a subsequent email, I told him it was actually “Poor Lioness” for having to put up with him.

It’s my fault for not stopping him from being a know-it-all last night but he was cooking dinner and I was trying not to spoil the anniversary mood. I might not even have brought it to the punishment level if he hadn’t brought up punishment day this morning. I would have let it go just like I let other things go. It wouldn’t have been healthy for me nor helpful for Lion. He needs to know when he’s annoyed me. I’m trying to get there. It will just take some time.


  1. Definitely heading in the right direction…. A year and a half into our male chastity/ flr life change Mi Amor makes it clear during punishment that I know when and how i annoyed her. We don’t have “we” chores either. She may take care of something when convenient but most things I take care of without being asked. She is really enjoying her keyholder status these days .

  2. Lion is a slow learner. Need to train him. Can not wait to punish him. Needs to learn that you are boss. Men are slow learners.

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