A Decision

It was late when I unlocked Lion last night. I glanced at the Box O’Fun as I retrieved the key and thought it was too late for play. The thought of diapers popped into my mind. I told Lion about it. Then I said soon after diapers popped into my head, panties were right there too. Now he had a decision to make: did he want to wear diapers today or panties? He said there was no real decision. He picked panties. Today, my Lion will be in frilly panties as we go about the day.

I decided maybe it wasn’t too late for fun after all. I grabbed a piece of rope and set about tying my balls. They were tight enough that he could feel it but not tight enough to make them very red. I told him I didn’t want him to get blue balls. Not, at least, the kind that happen when I tie him so tightly the blood has nowhere to go and his balls get so red they’re borderline purple. Nope. The blue balls I want him to have are from lack of orgasm.

I teased the poor boy as my balls bounced up and down. Then I set him free and continued edging him. I don’t think I got him quite as close as I did the other day, but it was plenty close enough. And then, on my way back to snuggle with him, I sucked him to torture him more. Once I even gave him an orgasm during this drive-by sucking. But not last night. He won’t suffer if I give him an orgasm that soon.

Perhaps tonight I’ll bring out the Box O’Fun. Perhaps I’ll just be psychic and “see” what Lion would have chosen. As I said, we don’t need the Box O’Fun to play. It’s just there for encouragement.