Little Surprises

Our Saturday is pretty quiet this week. We slept in, watched some TV, and went grocery shopping. Mrs. Lion watched a YouTube video on male Brazilian waxing. She’ll probably use her new skill on me today (Sunday). I’ve been acquiring the necessary supplies. It takes a fair amount of stuff to do it right. Fortunately, all the years of my pubic hair removal leaves me with only a light dusting of fur down there. That will make the process less painful for me and easier for her.

The pollen and mold counts are low right now. That means I need a lot fewer antihistamine pills and I’m not scratching so much. The dog has done her share by having a bath on Friday. The stage is set for whatever Mrs. Lion has in mind for me. I’m writing this post late on Saturday afternoon. I suspect that we will play tonight. If not, tomorrow is very likely.

We went out to lunch on Friday. Mrs. Lion works half a day on Fridays and I worked from home. She had a burger and I had soup and a hot turkey sandwich. My soup came first. Later, at dinner she asked me if we had a blanket rule about me eating without permission if I am served a first course and she isn’t joining me. Neither of us could remember. I assumed that if I’m eating alone, I could just start.

Mrs. Lion didn’t disagree with that. But she admitted she got a little twinge when I began eating my soup. I asked fi she wanted me to ask before eating even when I am the only one served. She didn’t say she did. Regardless, if she has a reaction if I don’t ask, then I will. This isn’t only about obedience and punishment. It’s also about how she feels.

This little incident is good evidence that we are both internalizing our power exchange. Mrs. Lion is surprised at how visceral her response is to me eating before her or without asking permission. She’s also always aware if I spill food on my shirt. That was our first rule. For my part, I am very aware of both when I begin eating and I work hard to keep food off my shirt.

This may seem like small stuff. In the scope of life, it is. But it is significant progress for us. We started out with no rules and no notion of discipline and punishment. Now, it’s fair to say both are completely integrated into our marriage. That’s progress!