The Lion’s Red Bare

mean rubber paddle
Mrs. Lion’s heavy, rubber paddle. It’s made from thick conveyor belt material. It’s a bargain, but it needs a long airing out to get rid of the strong, rubber smell. (Click image to go the site selling it)

Today is U.S. Independence day. We are enjoying a state park high in the Cascade mountains. Tonight there will be fireworks. We sit with other campers on the side of a hill and fireworks are launched over the lake. By Disney or New York standards it’s a modest display. Ironically, it competes well with Seattle’s annual, embarrassing fireworks. For a city (16th in the U.S.) that hosts Amazon, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Boeing and lots more, it is amazing that the Fourth is celebrated with such a limp show. To add insult to injury, the “soundtrack” for this “show” is a misguided medley of pop music selected by a tone-deaf local DJ. Anyway, up here the music of singing frogs and crickets is interrupted by the pop of each shell as it bursts into bright colors. I love fireworks.

It gets dark quite late this far north. Little kids fall asleep on blankets on the ground as we wait for the show to start. Mrs. Lion and I snuggle on a blanket enjoying each other and our surroundings. Sex will be a distant hum  buzzing in the background of my consciousness. It’s there, but the rockets’ red glare will take precedence.

Tomorrow, there is likely to be a hot red glare emanating from my butt. It will be punishment day and Mrs. Lion is perfecting her punishment spanking technique. She has a lot of implements to choose from. I suggested she pick one, like the heavy rubber paddle/strap she used last week. It is very painful. She told me she wasn’t sure if she would take it or not. I don’t know what’s in her travel toy kit. I’ll find out.

I’m not wearing a chastity device and we didn’t pack one. I’m a wild lion for our vacation. Of course, that doesn’t mean I can ejaculate whenever I want. I’m always under strict, orgasm control. By the way, orgasm control doesn’t necessarily mean long waits to come. It can. But it also can mean more frequent orgasms as well. The point is that Mrs. Lion decides. I don’t get a vote at all.

We both hope you enjoy the holiday and get to relax and see or make some fireworks.