Our Own Fireworks

We arrived with no muss and no fuss. There was very little traffic. Setting up was not difficult. We both snoozed a bit before we went out to find food.

Four years ago, when we first discovered this area, our first dinner out was at a Mexican restaurant. We’ve kept that tradition ever since. Lion made it most of the way through dinner without trouble but then spilled food on his shirt. Uh oh.

I hadn’t given him his maintenance spanking on Monday night so I deferred it to last night. Lion was not happy about being spanked. He was really not happy in the middle of it. He kept trying to move away. I asked him if he thought I wouldn’t follow him across the bed to keep spanking him. He told me he had enough. But it’s not up to him. I didn’t say he’d had enough. I kept going. He kept moving.

I know. I know. I should have started over with the punishment. The best way to cure him of his wiggling and insistence that I should stop is by starting over. Eventually he’ll learn. But the thing is, I get tired of hitting him. My arm strength is not as good as it should be. That’s one of the reasons we’re doing maintenance spanking.

In the end, in Lion’s end, he might have been sore but he wasn’t red. The slight rosiness didn’t even last until he got off the bed. He says his butt is notorious for not getting or staying red. I guess it’s a good thing for him that I don’t rely solely on how red his tushy is to know when I’m done.

It was late before I tried to play with him. We were both tired and I wasn’t really even going to try. But when we snuggled he responded fairly quickly. It was short lived though. He’d dropped the remote and the TV was distracting. By the time he picked it up it was too late. After the fireworks we’ll try for some fireworks of our own.