Off We Go

I had hoped to give Lion a maintenance spanking last night and edge him. But we went out to dinner, stopped by the grocery store for last minute items and got fuel for the truck, and then it was already late. Our guests stopped by for one last goodbye. And I was tired. I can try for tonight but I know we’ll be tired again from driving.

It’s not like we won’t have time for maintenance spankings and play. We’ll be gone a week. Lion loves to drive around randomly but I’m hoping we’ll just hang out for a day or so. If we do then we won’t be so tired and maybe more likely to have the energy to play.

While the rest of the country is in a heat wave, we remain relatively cool around Seattle. Our destination is generally warmer. The Cascade mountains form a sort of barrier for the cooler air. Eastern Washington is technically a desert. We head east for most of our trips to take advantage of that heat. It’s also very beautiful.

By the time this post publishes we should be very near our campsite. We’ll set up the camper and, if past trips are any indication, head out for dinner very shortly after arrival.

Lion likes to keep moving. I like to relax a little. I’m hoping we can find a compromise this trip.