The Grass is Always Greener

This weekend we were going to try the plastic seals with the Jail Bird to see if I could leave Lion locked up while I’m away. Yesterday he tried it on his own and discovered the plastic ties made the cage too wobbly. That’s what I was afraid of. Never fear. We have alternatives.

My first thought was going back to the container Lion attached to his keychain. I can put a label across the cap to secure it. It the label is removed I’ll know. If Lion changes the label I’ll know. I can still have him take pictures of the container to prove the label is the same one I put on it. The problem with this is that every day wear and tear in his pocket has a tendency to degrade the label.

I can lock him in the nylon cage. In a week he should get too stinky. He can stay somewhat clean with daily showers. He can cut the locking tag off in an emergency. He can take a picture to prove it’s the same tag I put on when I locked him away.

We can find a different plastic seal that fits the Jail Bird better. There must be something out there. I think we’d both prefer the Jail Bird because it looks better and is easier to clean. But I won’t waste too much sleep trying to figure it out.

I can leave him wild. He’s wild now. He goes about his business without cheating. It’s not that I don’t trust him. I was just thinking the cage was the next best thing to my being with him. If I can’t hold my weenie, then the cage could do it for me. It’s a reminder that it’s my weenie even if I’m not right there with Lion.

I’m not sure which option I’ll choose. Perhaps there are other options I haven’t thought of. And, of course, Lion wants to know if he’ll be locked up full time even after I get back. Despite my telling him I don’t know, he asked again yesterday. I don’t know. I’m not sure. The more he asks the less inclined I am to do it. And then I think about his statements after I do lock him up and I’m even less inclined. The grass is always greener. When he’s wild he wants to be locked up and when he’s locked up he yearns to be wild. Let’s figure out the lock issues for my trip and then we’ll deal with any future stints in the cage.


  1. Author

    You could easily thicken the plastic lock with tape—electrical or duct should work well—and then no issues with the jailbird. Lion could still cut his way out if needed!

    1. Author

      It’s an interesting idea. It might work. We’ll experiment.

  2. Author

    Mi Amor keeps me locked up. It is not my place to ask to be wild or caged. She decides and loves seeing me locked up for her pleasure.

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