While  showering, I sometimes reflect on what I’ve done. The other night I was thinking about this blog. We are about 100 posts away from 3,000. That’s about two-million words. All of them, in some way, refer to my penis. It’s a lot of words about such a small thing. Every time I’ve ejaculated since January 2014 is recorded here. So is almost every erection. Talk about being exposed! That’s not all. Pictures of my genitals are liberally sprinkled here as well.

Of course, that’s not all we write about. We talk about our relationship and how we’ve integrated our power exchange into our marriage. We haven’t held back. The blog has helped us “talk” things out. We always read each other’s posts. Frequently, we react to each other’s writing. The fact that both of us post daily, keeps things real and very honest. We may change how we do things, but we are always on the same page. Our posts guarantee that.  Some readers report that reading about our adventures has helped them realized their fantasies.

Over the years more than a million people have seen/read about my penis and it’s sexual activities. I’ve grown used to having a completely public sex life. I must be crazy.

We’re different from most others who write about enforced male chastity or female led relationships with discipline. The difference is the lack of a filter on reporting what happens. Most, if not all, wait for a significant event before posting. We don’t. That’s the challenge. How do you write about the day-in-day-out happenings without being absolutely boring? I’m not sure we’ve managed to do that. Thank goodness you have the patience to follow our lives in real time.

Every day I wonder if I will come up with something to write. This is especially true on days when nothing sexual is going on. I’ve come to realize that there is always something sexual going on. Often it is in my head. If I tell you what I’m thinking about, Mrs. Lion finds out too. That frequently stimulates her to convert my thoughts into her actions. Many times I feel a bit of regret I let those thoughts leak out.

No, I don’t regret telling her she could put  me in a diaper or put ginger up my ass. Ultimately, it satisfies a kinky wish. That doesn’t mean I don’t hate what happens at the time it occurs. Obviously, I frequently do. But, when I remember what she did to me, I get aroused. I truly want that painful play. I may hate spending days in a wet diaper, but it’s very hot that she makes me wear it.

Mrs. Lion has grown in this department. It’s taken a long time for her to learn that it is a very good thing to torture me. I ultimately appreciate it and it fuels my libido. The Journal assures we give each other a lot of feedback. We learn at the same time as you.

I asked myself if I would want to keep posting if no one other than Mrs. Lion and I read the blog.  I would. Having said that, I’m very happy that you read us too.

Yesterday, I had a training session at the gym. I’m appalled at how much strength I’ve lost as a result of my forced inactivity over the last year. It’s very frustrating to have to struggle to do what I always found easy. Even walking on the treadmill is difficult. I’m generally optimistic, but I have to admit that the discouraging results at the gym have gotten me down.

I’m writing this post on Thursday afternoon (yesterday). Mrs. Lion tried to interest me in edging on Wednesday night. It didn’t work. I wasn’t horny. I’m hoping my interest will improve. Mrs. Lion will, of course, report on how I did later today.

Maybe we are hitting a “dead spot” in our FLRD (Female Led Relationship with Discipline). It feels like we are running on autopilot. I’m careful to follow my rules. ’m doing it more out of habit than for any other reason. In the scheme of things, that’s the desired state. But it means there is a distinct lack of excitement.

I don’t expect a three-ring circus every night. I don’t expect Mrs. Lion to look for ways to entertain me. It’s just that the novelty has worn off and we haven’t found anything to spark our interest. So, we struggle to decide what’s for dinner, eat, watch TV, and go to sleep. There’s some snuggling and hand holding, but no real sparks.

I’ve been wild (out of a chastity device) for about a week now. Mrs. Lion is waiting for my penis to heal. It is getting better and I’ve had no pain for days. Maybe by wearing the device, we create a situation where we almost have to think and talk about sex. Wearing a chastity device is a bit like telling someone not to think about zebras. I’ll bet you are thinking of one now.

It’s the same thing. The device is just there, hanging from my body. It denies access to something that probably wouldn’t be touched anyway. But neither of us can touch it so long as that device is there. It’s impossible for me to ignore. Since I am naked at home, Mrs. Lion is reminded of its presence when we are in a room together. It’s our zebra.

When I’m caged, Mrs. Lion generally unlocks me every night for some teasing. Sure, we miss a night now and then, but its become a ritual for us. When I’m wild, the ritual isn’t needed. It isn’t that Mrs. Lion forgets. I don’t think of it.

I know, it makes no sense. Why should my interest in sex fade when I’m always available to enjoy it? Maybe I want what I can’t have. Of course, I can’t have sex, wild or not. Mrs. Lion decides when she wants to play with me. It has to be the cage; or at least, what it symbolizes. I realize that I am turned on by bondage. Wearing the cage is always a turn on at some level.

Once I’m done healing, I’m going to be locked up again. We’ll see if my theory is correct. Stay tuned.

It’s not Friday. I can’t figure out if the week seems long because I’m looking forward to payday or just Friday itself.

The weekend is already full of chores. We have to mow the lawn. First, we have to see if we can get the lawn tractor going. We didn’t use it last year because of Lion’s surgery. When we used it the summer before, it was running poorly. I’m fairly sure we can get the push mower going. That’s mine. I’m in charge of all the spots the tractor can’t go. And last year it was the entire yard.

I also need to get the weed whacker going. I hate yard work. Last year just mowing the lawn wiped me out most weekends. I never did get to any of the weed whacking or leaf blowing that needed to be done. The yard is sort of a wreck.

Why do you care about our yard? You don’t. But I’m anticipating not being in the mood for much along the lines of sex or play. And that directly impacts the blog. As the play by play guy, I don’t have much to say unless there’s been play.

Of course, if we’re working on the stupid tractor, there’s always the possibility that Lion will step out of line and there will be some punishment to report. Lion thinks we work well together. For the most part we do. The problem arises when Lion or I get frustrated. Or if he thinks I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to fixing things.

I always helped my ex work on cars. I know the difference between a socket wrench and a crescent wrench. I’m willing to get my hands dirty to fix things. My issue is that the damn tractor has it in for me. Every time we work on it I lose skin from a finger or I smash a knuckle. I’m the one crawling around on the ground and Lion will say my “favorite” phrase – all you have to do is…. There is no “all you have to do” when the two pieces that are supposed to be together so the bolt can go through are an inch apart. Then “all I have to do” is start banging on it or use my superhuman I’m-so-pissed-right-now strength. I can already feel myself getting some of that strength. I’ll calm down in a minute.

As you can see, there is definitely a possibility for punishment. I know Lion won’t mean to get himself in trouble. It will be pure frustration on my part. But he’ll need to tread very lightly depending on how things go.

Things are quiet around here. It’s usually this way in the days following an orgasm; a kind of sexual peace. It isn’t that my refractory period (the amount of time my body needs to recharge between ejaculations) has extended to days. I’m capable of an orgasm every day. I just don’t particularly enjoy that much activity. This isn’t always true. There are times I am very happy to get off frequently. Of course, I don’t get to decide when my next ejaculation will come.

Mrs. Lion generally respects this lull. Occasionally, she will take an orgasm a day or two after the last one. That’s rare. Usually, I wait about a week before she gets me off again. Nearly each day between orgasms, Mrs. Lion teases me and brings me to the edge over and over. That assures I will be panting for release every day.

This is how we practice enforced chastity. It’s not too big a challenge for me if I only get stimulated when ejaculation is immanent. Yes, after a few days I will get horny even if not teased. But, after a week or so my interest will wane. That doesn’t mean I won’t respond when stimulated. I will. If I’ve been edged regularly. I display my heat in ways that amuse my lioness.

She believes that a longer wait peppered by edging will improve the volume of my ejaculation. I don’t think so. Of course, she’s in a much better position to judge my performance. I don’t know why I’m producing less semen. I also don’t have a clue if there is anything I can do to improve production. I’ve Googled this topic. Nothing I read makes much sense.

I’ve tried drinking more water. I’ve read that eating asparagus or taking certain dietary supplements will help. Medical authorities say there is nothing that one can do to make more.

From time to time I put out a larger load. It seems to come after extended play and teasing sessions. Years ago, I read that being edged an hour before delivery will also improve output. If that’s true, wouldn’t being edged every night for a week prior to ejaculation make me produce buckets? It doesn’t.

Do you have any tricks to increase semen output? Please share.