Increasing Production

Things are quiet around here. It’s usually this way in the days following an orgasm; a kind of sexual peace. It isn’t that my refractory period (the amount of time my body needs to recharge between ejaculations) has extended to days. I’m capable of an orgasm every day. I just don’t particularly enjoy that much activity. This isn’t always true. There are times I am very happy to get off frequently. Of course, I don’t get to decide when my next ejaculation will come.

Mrs. Lion generally respects this lull. Occasionally, she will take an orgasm a day or two after the last one. That’s rare. Usually, I wait about a week before she gets me off again. Nearly each day between orgasms, Mrs. Lion teases me and brings me to the edge over and over. That assures I will be panting for release every day.

This is how we practice enforced chastity. It’s not too big a challenge for me if I only get stimulated when ejaculation is immanent. Yes, after a few days I will get horny even if not teased. But, after a week or so my interest will wane. That doesn’t mean I won’t respond when stimulated. I will. If I’ve been edged regularly. I display my heat in ways that amuse my lioness.

She believes that a longer wait peppered by edging will improve the volume of my ejaculation. I don’t think so. Of course, she’s in a much better position to judge my performance. I don’t know why I’m producing less semen. I also don’t have a clue if there is anything I can do to improve production. I’ve Googled this topic. Nothing I read makes much sense.

I’ve tried drinking more water. I’ve read that eating asparagus or taking certain dietary supplements will help. Medical authorities say there is nothing that one can do to make more.

From time to time I put out a larger load. It seems to come after extended play and teasing sessions. Years ago, I read that being edged an hour before delivery will also improve output. If that’s true, wouldn’t being edged every night for a week prior to ejaculation make me produce buckets? It doesn’t.

Do you have any tricks to increase semen output? Please share.


  1. Author

    I have tried to increase my semen load with many different things over the years with little or no success. I did manage a thicker whiter load with soy lecithin though. I noticed many Asian men seem to have large, white and thick loads and I know their diet has a lot of soy products in it so it sort of makes sense to me.

  2. Author

    I had the same problem till I found about chastity play and your blog and sometimes managing edging short of ejaculation, very very difficult solo, and suddenly volume returned to normal. At same time started fitness campaign, so difficult to disentangle cause and effect (or just chance?), so get healthy and when you aren’t expecting everything will be back as normal.
    Ps thank you, thank you, I thought I would never enjoy another cum.

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