This is a Black Walnut hairbrush-shaped paddle. Click image to purchase.

In times gone by, women had large, sturdy hairbrushes. These tools were perfect for grooming and frequently served double duty as educational aids. Generally with an oval head and a long handle, these brushes were perfect for spanking. They were made from oak or other hard woods.

Nowadays, women’s hairbrushes are made of light materials like plastic. They may do a good job on hair, but are worthless on a naughty bottom. A few lucky women have antique hairbrushes they use for husband education. Most women, alas are not so fortunate.

Years ago, I stumbled across a handmade hairbrush-shaped paddle on ebay. I bought it and Mrs. Lion has made some use of it over the years. She inherited my large collection of spanking implements, most of which are larger and more effective than the hairbrush shape I got way back when.

I happened to be browsing on the web and came across a lightweight, black-walnut hairbrush-shaped paddle by Walt. The shape is authentic. It’s fairly thin, not unlike the hairbrush bodies of yore. There’s no question that it will sting, but I doubt it will leave any lasting marks.

This could be good news for some spankers who want to leave a yowling naughty boy without bruising him. Others may find this tool too light to make the impression they want. The heavier the implement, the more “thud” I feel. Light ones sting and I find that sensation very annoying.

“Ah ha,” you say. Then Mrs. Lion should look for lightweight, stingy things to use on me. A stingy implement requires much more force to make a point. A full overhand swing is required to get a full-throated yelp from me. A heavier, meaner paddle requires a fraction of that energy to get the same reaction.

Mrs. Lion is at some disadvantage. My spanking implements are all heavy and pack solid swats. I don’t really have any quality spankers like the hairbrush paddle illustrated. I wonder if she would be happier with a lighter implement. I know I won’t be. Yes, yes, I know; that’s the point. Of course if she chooses to go the light hairbrush route, she will need to develop a new technique; one that requires considerably more force.

That’s the problem with inheriting a toy collection. The toys were selected by someone else who may have had a different idea about how to use them. Should Mrs. Lion work with a lighter paddle? What say you who use hairbrush discipline? Is this a nice Mothers Day gift for her?


  1. Author

    Surely variety is the spice of life!

    1. Author

      For some, yes. 🙂 From my view on the bottom, it’s how long and how much it will hurt. Not really variety for me.

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