I have a feeling this weekend will be a test of wills. I have to build a railing in the garage. I’m not too sure how steady Lion will be on his feet so I don’t know if he can help. I’m fairly certain he has his own ideas of how the railing should be built. I’m also fairly certain that I have differing ideas. Who will win?

If you ask female led relationship folks, the answer should be simple. As long as my idea will work, I should win. Lion has to abide by my decisions. What I say goes. However, building a railing is not normally in the domain of our female led relationship. Ours is limited to the bedroom as well as a few general rules. I have, on only one occasion, punished Lion for getting on my nerves. He made me feel like I didn’t know what I was talking about. It would seem, if we have differing design ideas, that this would be another test for us.

It is quite possible that my idea won’t work. It’s also possible that Lion’s won’t work. We’ve both done work on houses. I helped my ex build a large addition onto our house when we were married. It’s still standing. It’s not perfect but it is structurally sound. I say this to prove that I’m not just some woman who insists she knows how things should be done with no experience. That said, I also don’t like to stick my neck out and do something wrong. What seems fairly straightforward to me may not actually be the right way to do it. If I defer to Lion we may wind up doing something far less simple.

This, as they say, is not rocket science. It’s a railing. A simple garage railing that doesn’t have to be pretty. It just needs to be able to steady someone going up and down the stairs. We don’t need fancy. We need a few dimensional boards sticking up, a few going across and a hand rail. Easy peasy.