Rain Delay

We just went out to get some lumber to build the railing. We discussed getting six foot boards instead of eight foot boards. The shorter boards probably could have been persuaded to fit inside the truck rather than in the bed in the rain. Ultimately we decided to scrap the whole trip today since it’s pouring rain outside and there is a lot of traffic. The dog also has a spa appointment tomorrow which is near the hardware store anyway.

Last night I edged Lion mercilessly. He’s been a very horny boy lately and I’ve been using that to my advantage when I edge him. I even swatted his balls last night. I didn’t do it hard. He doesn’t like when I hit too hard. I swatted just hard enough to get his motor running because when I touched Mr. Weenie Lion almost launched off the bed.

He was very hard and wanted an orgasm so badly. But it was not to be. He just had one the other day. I think he should have to wait a bit. Naturally when he’s this horny he doesn’t want to hear about waiting. He wants one right now. And when I was done I went to suck him just a bit, as I often do, he really wanted to come. Sorry my pet. You’ll need to wait.

Since our construction project was delayed, we might have a little fun this afternoon. Nothing too strenuous. His leg is still swollen and painful. But I’m pretty sure I can take his mind off of it for a little while. I bet he could handle having his balls tied. Even some oral attention. Maybe it’s a good thing it was raining so hard earlier. Indoor activities can be even more entertaining.