I forgot. I tried to make plans. Even though I know it never works I still tried. So I’m throwing my hands in the air and giving up on plans. From now on, if things happen they happen.

Lion fell on the stairs in our garage yesterday. He has a nasty bruise on his leg. Even after elevating his leg and icing the area, a different area started to swell. I moved the ice to that area. By this morning the swelling and pain were down quite a bit.

All I’ll say about tonight’s activities are that we’ll be together. Barring either of us breaking a hand, we’ll hold hands. Anything beyond that is a bonus. I can’t commit to any snuggling or sex. I don’t want to jinx it. I’m not even hoping. That could be just enough to jinx it too.

The rules still apply. Punishment will happen as needed. The Box O’Fun will remain on hold as will the cage. If we do get back to normal it will be by sneaking up on it. Clearly overt references to it have been unsuccessful. I can’t risk any more illness or injury.

Since I’m the play by play person, I guess my posts will be about the weather and sports scores. We’ll see how that goes.