Plastic Cage

numbered seal

Lion has requested, if/when we go back to using the cage, that he be locked in the plastic cage. He wants to make sure it’s comfortable enough for long term wear. Fair enough. If he has to wear it while travelling it needs to be comfortable. But does he have to wear it while travelling?

I was thinking about this last night. I think I’d be more likely to make him wear the plastic cage while travelling because he doesn’t need a key to extricate himself in an emergency. It’s locked on with a security tag. He’d just need to cut the tag off. I feel better knowing he can get out if necessary especially when he’s away from home.

Lion also mentioned something about a new cage. He wants to test that one out too. I assume it would be on a weekend so we can get him out quickly if there’s a problem. You never know with new cages. There could be pinching or chafing. I’m sure he’ll have more information for you once he’s received and tested it.

As I said, this is all assuming we’ll go back to using the cage. As of yesterday I’m not promising anything. No plans. If things get back to normal then maybe I’ll start planning again. Once bitten, twice shy.