Does being locked in a male chastity device change sexual performance? This is a very interesting question. It’s also a little bit broader than just wearing a chastity device. The bigger question is whether orgasm control changes male sexual performance? I started thinking about this because there is a very obvious change in my sexuality. I can be aroused almost any time, but I can’t be brought to the edge of orgasm very often or easily.

My pattern is that for the first week or so after an orgasm, I can be easily aroused and I enjoy being stimulated. However, I don’t seem able to get close to coming. Then, after that (actually sometime after seven and before 10 days go by) I become able to be edged or made to ejaculate depending on what Mrs. Lion wants to do. I could understand if I had a problem getting an erection for the first seven days or so. I don’t. It’s just that the level of arousal I can achieve is severely limited.

There’s the old “use it or lose it” concept. That idea suggests that over time, the man will lose a lot of his ability to ejaculate if he’s prevented from doing so. Maybe that’s true. Over the last four years, that’s when I started keeping track, my average time between ejaculations is just short of seven days. There were times when Mrs. Lion got me off every two or three days and others when I had to wait two weeks or more. However, my average is about seven days, both mean and median. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my ability to be edged takes a week or so to cut in.

As men age, it takes more time to recharge the old sexual battery. Studies of sexual frequency bear this out. I don’t think this alone is sufficient to explain what’s going on with me. Over the last couple of years, my semen production has also gone down. I think this is related to the other issue. From what I understand, one of the key factors controlling the refractory period, the amount of time it takes a man to be ready to ejaculate again, seems to be tied in with the amount of semen he has available.

For example, ruined orgasms generally don’t completely deplete the semen supply. That allows the male to have several ruined orgasms right after one another until his semen supply is fully depleted. At that point, he loses his erection and the game is done. Since my supply of semen has been fairly low, I can only have one ruined orgasm before I’m done. I wonder if my small supply of semen and my apparent inability to quickly generate more is behind the seven-day delay before I will be ready to ejaculate.

In the past, I’ve had orgasms with no semen being emitted. However, in the minutes following the orgasm, some semen drips out of my soft penis. That means there was some available, but not enough to ejaculate at the time I had the orgasm.

I can’t help but wonder that if I was permitted to have more frequent orgasms, the sexual equipment would be in better shape now. There’s no way to really know. I think that there’s a very good chance that my current situation is a direct result of orgasm control. My body “learned” to produce less semen because it wasn’t needed. I could be totally wrong. However, it’s reasonable to wonder if this problem isn’t something that happens to guys who have spent years in male chastity.

What is your experience?

[Mrs. Lion — Does anyone else read this as a challenge? In all seriousness, I’m willing to do an experiment. Let’s see if I can “cure” Lion by giving him orgasms more often. It’s worth a try.]


  1. I am also interested in this topic. thanks for sharing. interesting, maybe someone else will share the experience?

  2. I have no issues producing semen—or at least I didn’t a year ago. I will find out when next I cum. Which should be relatively soon. I would expect to cum no later than the end of August. lol
    I believe personal fitness has a great bearing on orgasms and also the ability to erect! When fit, you produce more testosterone. As we age, we produce less. Fitness can help turn back the clock on testosterone production.

    1. Author

      I think it’s a much more complicated hormone issue. Testosterone is probably not a problem for me. I was tested couple of years ago and my levels are completely normal. From my reading, semen production is not well understood. Maybe everything will be even better in August. I hope so.

    1. Author

      I didn’t intend it as a challenge. I’m very skeptical that more attention will be particularly helpful.

  3. I know my level of semen production has gone way down over the last five years, and that has nothing to do with chastity in my case (my wife, unfortunately, has no interest in it). I chalk it up to normal aging (I am 55).

    I do, however, have low testosterone and have to give myself a shot every two weeks to keep my levels up. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. I can still get and maintain a good erection, at least.

    1. Author

      When I first noticed this dramatic loss in volume, I asked my doctor to test my testosterone levels. They are perfectly normal. I’ve done quite a bit of research on the subject and there doesn’t seem to be any definitive cause for loss of semen. There also isn’t any real therapy to bring it back. I guess I’ll have to just live with it.

  4. I think it has a lot to do with the equipment just not being used as much. After a long stretch in chastity I find I just don’t respond like I used to. I’m slower to get erect, have a harder time holding it without direct stimulation , and less semen. It’s like anything if you are not using it regularly it is going to get lax. Back when I could masturbate when ever I wanted to I could get hard just setting and thinking about a fantasy. There is a down side to chastity and this is it. Mine doesn’t get used very often anymore so the thrill now is in being denied. Stay Safe- Alan

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