A New Lesson Learned

sad lionThursday night’s spanking marks a significant change in our marriage. Yes, for well over two years, Mrs. Lion has spanked me for punishment. The punishments were almost exclusively for behavioral rules she made for me. Rules like not spilling food on my shirt or being sure Mrs. Lion eats first, taught us how to incorporate punishment into our relationship. I also have a rule not to interrupt. It annoys Mrs. Lion when I do. She rarely punishes me for that.

However, all of these rules are behavioral and nonthreatening to her. She can objectively enforce them. When Mrs. Lion is actually angry at me, she withdraws. I notice and ask her if she’s upset, and she will tell me she is. The anger stays bottled up inside her. But not on Thursday. We both wrote about the small incident that finally lit the lioness’ fuse. That’s way less interesting than how she decided to deal with her growing annoyance.

During her shower, we both tend to do our best thinking there, she thought about what’s making her angry. She decided that she needed to let me know how she feels. After her shower, without saying a word, she went to her collection of paddles and selected one. She came over to me. Of course I saw what was in her hand.

She asked me about reminding her about Thursday being punishment day. I admitted I didn’t. I thought that was why she had her paddle. But it wasn’t. She then went on to tell me how I upset her over the past week. Then she gave me a stronger spanking than usual. I was angry she wanted to spank me. I was in no mood for punishment. That didn’t matter at all. She went to work and went on for some time. She started fairly softly and built up slowly until I was yelping and kicking.

This is truly a sea change for us as a couple. Mrs. Lion forcefully expressed her anger toward me. The punishment seemed to reduce her frustration level. I wasn’t immediately repentant. She had to remind me to thank her for beating me. I did. But I wasn’t a happy camper. This was different. After a while, I settled down and we held hands.

It wasn’t the intensity of the beating that upset me. It was the complete independence of Mrs. Lion in unilaterally punishing me for something that was not a rule. I didn’t think it was unfair. I just didn’t like it at all. I know. I wasn’t supposed to like it. But maybe there was a step missing. I think a hug and asking me if I’m sorry would have helped. I didn’t know if I was forgiven. I just knew I pissed off my lioness.

I’m very sure that this isn’t the last time I will feel her wrath for upsetting her. She informed me in an email that I’m on a short leash. For the record, I’m happy she is doing this. It’s much better for both of us to have her punish me then forgive me. It puts us back on an even keel. Sooner or later I will learn how to behave better. Either that or I will be living with a red butt. That may sound hot, but it isn’t. I just have to learn to be more considerate and less self-involved. Mrs. Lion will teach me.


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    Definitely a watershed moment. I’m pleased for you though at the same time it’s almost be careful what you wish for… lol

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    Lion and Mrs Lion

    Not sure if you read my blog or not but sayyid got a pretty harsh spanking as punishment too this week. It makes a big difference. I’m very glad to hear how Mrs Lion took initiative and administered the Thursday punishment as SHE desired. I’d be interested in knowing how she felt during and after. Did she enjoy it? Did she feel guilty after?

    I find I can be as harsh as I want to with sayyid, provided I give good aftercare. With a punishment, this means I usually have him kneel up in front of me and after he apologizes I tilt his head up to look in his eyes. I tell him he’s forgiven and that I love him. I kiss him and usually hold his head against my breast for a little awhile which he enjoys and finds comforting. Then I let him stand and we move on from whatever it is that caused the punishment.

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      Maybe we need an aftercare ritual. Mrs. Lion hasn’t said if she wants one.

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        Personally I think it’s imoortant for the relationship 🙂

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          Aftercare is very important

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    I applaude Mrs Lion for her actions. You deserved it and she showed you who has the pants on 😀 Poor Lion….not 😉

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      It was a long time coming. I hated it at the time. I’m proud of her.

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    I was still pretty annoyed even after the punishment. I know I should have given him a hug or snuggled but I wasn’t quite ready to forgive him yet. I took a while before I would even hold his hand.

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    Must be something in the air. Mi Amor stepped it up Thursday night for sure. I had marks for days. She said she is beginning to see what it takes for the change in behavior to stick. She was very intrigued by the blog about Mrs Lion conducting a spur of the moment spanking. I see her brain working. Thanks for sharing these events. Amazing how at times it parallels what we are doing at the time .

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