Who Turned Out the Lights?

In the midst of a somewhat small storm a tree in the neighborhood decided to split. It fell on the power lines and across the road. No Bueno! Power was out from a little after 11 am Saturday to a little after 1 am on Sunday. Good thing we have a generator! We scurried around hooking up extension cords for the freezer, refrigerator, a lamp and Lion’s beloved TV. Luckily the temperature outside was not too bad. We only needed our propane heater on low to keep the house warm.

The problem with scurrying around to get things going and then worrying about how long the power would really be out is that it takes a lot out of you. We were pooped! And then when the power came back we had to do everything in reverse. It was not conducive to playing.

Lion requested that we not play on Friday night. We didn’t play last night. I’m still pretty sore from all the climbing under, over and around during the power failure. I’m not sure we’ll play tonight. I’d planned on tying Lion’s balls rather than have him select from the Box O’Fun. I thought it would be a little more fun for both of us. It’s never a problem when he doesn’t want to play. I rarely have my heart set on playing even when I have a particular idea. We can always do it the next time we play.

I moved sling day to the weekend but it doesn’t look like we’ll be doing it this weekend either. Yesterday was a bust and I’m not sure we feel like trekking downstairs again after so much excitement yesterday. It doesn’t take much to exhaust us. Lion is busy with a report for work and I’m doing the laundry. We’ll see how we feel later. I did unlock Lion on Friday night and locked him away again before bedtime. Last night I unlocked him and then he decided he wasn’t as horny as he thought he was. I left him unlocked just because I figured neither of us needed the frustration of a caged Lion. He will be going back into the Jail Bird tonight.